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Many books can INFORM you, but the Bible can TRANSFORM you.

Daily Bible classes from Kindergarten through 12th grade are an important part of the spiritual training that ALCS students receive.  Instruction in God's holy word is vital to our spiritual growth.  We strive to help students understand the Bible as well as apply it to their daily lives.

All ALCS students participate in regular chapel services.  Learn more about our chapels HERE.  

We begin each school year with our Spiritual Emphasis Week where we focus on our annual Biblical theme, setting a firm foundation for the new school year.  Learn more about our Spiritual Emphasis theme and week HERE.

Prayer is an important part of our everyday life at ALCS.  Two special events that highlight our emphasis on prayer are “See You at the Pole” each September and the “National Day of Prayer” each May.  We encourage students, staff, and parents to join together with Christians around the nation to impact our society for Christ through prayer.

Missions...It's Something Special

One of the highlights of the school year is Missions Week! Missionaries from around the world visit classes during the City Church Annual Missions Conference.  It's a wonderful time to learn what God is doing around the globe!

In addition, each year a number of ALCS students participate in short-term missions programs made available either through the school or their home church.  All senior classes are required to engage in missions on their senior trip as well. Some classes make their whole trip a missions experience while others have missions-activities built into their travels.  We strongly encourage our students to be God's hands and feet here and to put 'love your neighbor' into action.


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