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Work Permits for Employment of Minors

  • A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 16 is allowed to work in any job with the exception of agriculture or domestic service work. The minimum age for employment is 14, except for agriculture and domestic service.
  • 16- and 17-year-old minors do NOT need to obtain a work permit prior to beginning work. Work permits will not be issued for minors ages 16 or 17.
    • State law prohibits the use of minors to perform hazardous work. Prohibited employment provisions still apply to work that 16- and 17-year-old minors can be employed to perform.
Proof of Minor's Age

We may accept a valid operator's license or an identification card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as proof of a minor's age. This means that we may now accept either a duly attested birth certificate, a verified baptismal certificate, or a driver’s license or photo ID card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

For the Employer — Permit Fee Requirement

The employer must reimburse the $10.00 permit fee to the minor by no later than the date of the first paycheck.

Copies of the permit go to the employer and the minor, in addition to the school district where the minor is enrolled.

Additional information can be found on the Department of Workforce Development website.

Work Permit Application Process

  • The Department of Workforce Development's Equal Rights Division has developed a new online work permit application tool. The application is completed by the parent. 
  • A parent can access the site using these instructions
  • Payment is made directly to the department through the application, using a credit or debit card or by ACH direct withdrawal. 
  • Once the permit application process is complete, the Department mails a paper copy of the permit directly to the employer.

Drivers Education Resources

Abundant Life Christian School does not teach Drivers Education.

Parents & students may contract with a local driving school that is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles for their classroom and behind-the-wheel training before taking a road exam.

More information on driver licensing and approved programs can be found at the DMV website HERE.

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