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A Message From Coach Thies

Let me encourage you with Isaiah 40, where the prophet is writing to those in exile away from their homeland:

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.” Isaiah 40:28

We worship a BIG GOD, so keep your head up and your eyes focused on HIM.  ~Mr. Thies

Basketball Informational Meeting Nov 19th

I want to invite you all to a parent informational meeting regarding basketball on Thursday, November 19th at 6:30pm. The meeting will take place via Zoom. Click here for the link.

Agenda for the Informational Meeting:

  • Coach Thies’ “State of the Challengers Address”
  • Practice Schedules
  • Winter Sports Player Fees
  • Coach Introductions
  • Covid-19 Precautions and Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) Sports Guidelines
  • Required Paperwork Before Participation
  • Question & Answer
  • Closing Prayer

Before the meeting, there are a couple of items you may want to take care of:

1) Register for basketball-This is critical! According to the PHMDC guidelines, we are only allowed 10 in a space. Without an accurate headcount we will not know what grades to combine and how many coaches are needed. If you are unsure and need more information before you decide, register anyway. (Please note: 4th graders may or may not be eligible to participate based on the number of participants in 5th and 6th grade and the Dane County maximum of 10 in a space). Please register at the following link:

2) High School Basketball Only-You need a Physical Exam (even if we are just practicing without games). The WIAA requires that you have a physical done every other year. ALL FRESHMEN NEED A PHYSICAL. If you had a physical last year, you will need to have an "Alternate Year Card" filled out (this usually applies to sophomores and seniors). Practices are slated to begin the week of Monday November 30, and without the necessary paperwork, including the physical, you will not be allowed to participate. Here are the links to the physical form to be filled out by a qualified healthcare professional, as well as the Alternate Year Card. If you are not sure which one to fill out, please contact Luanne Koon (, as she has your previous year's paperwork on file.

In Him,

Michael Thies

"Building Character & Achieving Athletic Success"

Athletic Opportunities

MS Athletics
(Grades vary from 4-8th depending on team)

Girls Volleyball or Cross Country
Boys Flag Football or Cross Country

Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball

Girls Track or Golf 
Boys Track, Golf or Volleyball*
   *Possible Boys Volleyball co-op with another school

HS Athletics
(Grades 9-12)

Girls Volleyball or Cross Country
Boys Cross Country or Soccer

Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball

Girls Track, Golf or Soccer
Boys Track, Golf, or Volleyball

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."  Phillipians 1:27a