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General School Information

Students may enter the building beginning at 7:45a; if an earlier drop off is needed, please connect with Mr. Butler for special permission. 

Please Note: Students may not enter the building until supervision is available (the front office is staffed), even if another staff member is entering the building. Teachers are in meetings before school and unable to supervise students. 

Our school-day is 8:05a (tardy bell) to 3:20p (dismissal bell) daily. Half days are limited and noted on the school calendar. Dismissal on half days is at 11:30a with no lunch served those days.  

All students (K-12) must be picked up by 3:45p daily unless the student is remaining to participate in a school-related activity. 

Please Note: ALCS does not provide after school care. Students picked up after the 3:45p pick-up time may be subject to a late pick-up fee. Please contact us with questions.

Students not picked up by 3:20p will be escorted to the elementary holding room. Beginning at 3:20p, we require that the child is signed out from the holding room. 

  • We request that a parent or an adult signs the child out and pays the appropriate amount.
  • Any child picked up be‐tween 3:30p ‐ 3:45p may be charged a $5 fee.
  • An additional $5 fee for each additional 15 minute interval will be charged.

Students in grades 6-12 can attend Homework Club from 3:30-4:30p for $5/day.

Fees are waived when students must be here for after school activities that have a later start time.

At ALCS, our primary means of communication with parents is via email—make sure to watch email for school information and news. 

If you change your email address, please update it in Family Portal, so we can communicate with you and provide you timely and useful information to support your educational experience here at ALCS.

All high school students driving to school will need to file a Vehicle Registration Form with the Student Services Office by the first day of school. Student parking is only available in designated areas of the City Church parking lot; there is no cost for parking. 

Download your Vehicle Registration Form HERE.

Absences & Tardies

If your child is ill or will be arriving late for any reason (doctor appointment, car issue, traffic, etc) OR if your student will be checking out for an appointment, please make sure you notify the school by 8:30 am.

  • Call 608-221-1520 and leave a message on the Attendance Line (1) OR 
  • Email a message to

The office provides notification to the faculty of attendance; however, if you email your teacher please also email the attendance office at

Tardies have a negative impact on academic achievement, both for the child that is tardy and his/her classmates. Late arrivals cause interruptions in the classroom. Breaks in instruction interfere with the learning atmosphere and make extra work for the teacher. Parents are expected to make arrangements to ensure that their child(ren) arrive to school on time. Students should be in their seats, ready to learn at 8:05a.

Tardiness to Class — Beginning of School Day

If a student (elementary, MS, or HS) is tardy to class first hour only, he or she must first go to the Student Services Office to obtain a tardy pass. Administration will keep track of the number of tardies each quarter and will issue detentions for subsequent tardies once that limit has been exceeded.

Tardiness to Class – DURING the School Day for MS/HS

MS and HS students who are not in their classroom or seat when the bell rings are con‐sidered tardy to class. Students need to report directly to class. They do not go to the Student Services Office. Faculty should mark them as tardy for attendance.

Habitual tardiness is problematic for students and teachers and therefore the consequences above will apply to students as we look at overall punctuality (morning tardies and class tardies together).


The following guidelines shall determine whether a student is tardy or absent.

  1. If a student misses 5 or more class periods in a day (consecutive or non‐consecutive), s/he shall be listed as absent for the full day.
  2. If a student misses 2 to 4 class periods in a day, s/he will be listed as absent a ½ day.
  3. If a student misses Chapel, s/he will be listed as missing a ½ day.

Please Note: Once enrolled in a class, any student that misses more than 20% of classroom instruction per semester for non‐school sponsored events will not receive full credit for that specific class.

The ALCS Tardy Policy

All students arriving after the late bell sounds at 8:05a will be assessed a tardy and required to obtain a late slip from the Student Services Office before proceeding to the classroom.
Middle School and High School consequences for tardies within one quarter:

  • 4‐5 tardies = student receives a warning
  • 6‐8 tardies = detention and communication with parents
  • 9‐10 tardies = parent meeting with principal
  • 10+ tardies = possible in‐school suspension at discretion of principal

Elementary consequences for tardies within one quarter:

  • 5 tardies = email from principal to parents
  • 7 tardies = parent meeting with principal

Tardies may be excused at the discretion of the school administration under certain conditions such as inclement weather, a road accident, or for medical and/or dental appointments.
Tardies will not be excused because a parent was “running late” or a sibling was slow in the morning.

Regular attendance is important if a student is to gain the most from school. The only absences that will be excused are:

  1. Sickness
  2. Medical and dental appointments
  3. Funerals
  4. Pre‐arranged absences (must be approved by the administration)
  5. Emergency circumstances
  6. Other circumstances as approved by the Principal

The Student Services Office must be notified no later than 8:30 am if your child is absent from school. If you call prior to the start of school, leave a message. If we have not heard from a parent or guardian, the office will follow up with you either via Parent Alert or by calling your work or home numbers in an effort to determine where your child is.

Any student who misses more than three (3) consecutive school-days and/or more than five (5) days in any given quarter may be required to bring in a physician’s statement.

Per Wisconsin state law, no parent may excuse a student for more than ten (10) days during the school year. Absences not meeting the above criteria will not be considered “excused” by the ad‐ministration and teachers and the student will receive a zero for the day or the classes missed.

If a student needs to be excused during the day for an appointment, etc., the parent should communicate the time and reason for the absence to the teacher in elementary classes or MS/HS students should complete a Medical/Dental Absence Form. Parents are encouraged to vary the times of appointments so the same classes are not missed repeatedly. For MS and HS students, scheduling appointments during study halls is the best option for academic progress. Student schedules are available for view in the Facts Family Portal.

When picking up an elementary student, the parent should come in to the Student Services Office to sign the student out. MS/HS students will be allowed to sign themselves out and wait for pick up in the Main Foyer.

At times, it is necessary and even beneficial for students to travel with their parents during the school year. However, please make every attempt to travel during school vacations as much as possible. Travel during school-days should be for no one than one week and should avoid ma‐jor exam periods and the last week of the quarter. Teachers may consider alternative assignments for students when appropriate, but are not obligated to do so (i.e. a student visits Boston — have them keep a journal, collect artifacts, write a report and share it with the class).

When a student is absent under these conditions, an Advance Request for Excused Absence Form is available on the school website or from the Student Services Office. It must be completed, then submitted to the Student Services Office for approval at least 7 days prior to the trip. Students are responsible for all schoolwork assigned for the days they are not in school. If the request form is filled out and turned in to the office no later than 7 days before the absence, teachers may upon parent’s request give the student all predictable make‐up work no more than three days before the absence. Parents may also verify daily assignments from ParentsWeb, classmates, or email. Assignments and homework given before the excused absence will be due upon return. Make‐up homework given upon return will be due an equal number of days (not just school-days) plus one to the absence.

If the request form is turned into the office less than 7 days before the absence, the teacher is under no obligation to give make‐up work prior to the absence.

Elementary Advanced Absence Form

MS/HS Advanced Absence Form

Updated Travel Policy During COVID-19

Travel can be a valuable learning experience.  We appreciate that such learning is impactful and meaningful with the potential to build lifelong memories as well as expand horizons, introduce new ideas, and offer service opportunities for students.  Travel has its time and place in a student’s growth and development. 

However, it is clear that during the season of COVID-19, travel also increases the possibility of exposure to the coronavirus and potential for the need to quarantine.

We also recognize that not all travel is equal either in necessity or exposure. 

As a final reminder, our block scheduling this year means academics are progressing twice as fast as in previous years.  Therefore, missing a week of classes is equal to missing two weeks of learning.

We strongly encourage families to schedule vacations and travel with due consideration and, if necessary, during school breaks. 

If you must travel, whether for a family funeral or some other essential trip, please ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will your child be able to travel and return safely without increasing the exposure of others at school?  Or, to put it another way - would you be comfortable if one of your child’s classmates took the same trip and then came back to school?
  2. How many close contacts will your family encounter during this trip? 
  3. Close contact is being within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more of an individual(s) who does not live in your home.
  4. Is the trip going to be limited in scope so that you can keep a list of all the people with whom you came into close contact?

Finally, before traveling out-of-state, please determine if your destination has any travel bans that may affect you once there or if Wisconsin has a travel ban that may affect your return.  Any quarantine requirements would add to the time of your trip and length of student being out of school. 
ex:  Chicago has a travel ban in place against Wisconsin.  Anyone going to Chicago is expected to quarantine for 14 days before completing their business in Chicago.

IF . . .  the trip is limited to a small number (under 15) of close contacts, none of whom were known to have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, the student may return to school without quarantining.

IF . . . during travel, you encountered multiple (15 or more) close contacts, you need to self-quarantine for 14 days.  If you wish to return to school sooner, you may have a COVID-19 test performed 5-7 days after your last close contact with anyone who does not live in your home.  If that test comes back negative, you may return to school once your results have been provided to the Administrative Office. 

IF . . . you will be participating in a mass gathering (50 or more people), you will be required to quarantine for 14 days.  If you wish to return to school sooner, you may have a COVID-19 test performed 5-7 days after your last close contact with anyone who does not live in your home.  If that test comes back negative, you may return to school once your results have been provided to the Administrative Office. 


All students are required to have an up-to-date immunization record on file in the Student Services Office by the 1st day of school. Parents are not mandated to have a child immunized; however, if a child is does not have a state required immunization, then an immunization waiver is required.

The immunization requirements and waiver form is available by clicking HERE or in the Student Services Office of ALCS. If your child is missing immunizations according to our records, information will be provided to you.

You may have your physician's office fax immunization, allergy plans, or any medical information we need to us.

The ALCS Fax Number is: 608-221-8572

Typically, students entering 6th grade need to receive the adolescent Tdap booster. Please be sure to check whether your child has had the Tdap Booster if they are entering 6th grade this year.

For more information on the Tdap Booster, CLICK HERE.


If your child has allergies or a medical condition, please make sure the information is current on their Student Emergency Form.

All allergy medications should be provided in their original packaging along with directions for how to administer on the signed Authorization to Administer Medication Form to the Student Services Office by the 1st day of school.

For children with food allergies, a Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan Form needs to be completed and returned to the Student Services Office prior to the 1st day of school.

ALCS takes all allergies seriously and the more information we have related to allergies, the better we can serve our students. 

ALCS Information Online!

ALCS puts information online to make it readily and easily accessible for you. Family Portal and our website ( has information you will need throughout the school year. Use any device to access our calendars, school supply lists, forms, family information, student grades, and more.

Here on our website you'll find forms, our school calendar, the monthly lunch menu and the USDA's Nutrition Nuggets, school supply lists, online payment in Facts Tuition Management via Family Portal, and more.

The 'Academics' tab along with 'Athletics' and 'Fine Arts' often prove to be very helpful resources for parents.

Log on to Family Portal to review your personal family account (under Web Forms), individual student's schedules, student's grades, and more. Family Portal is accessible at the top of every page under the menu (three bars) and at the bottom of every page.

Make sure your Facts account is active if you have not already done so. You may update your preferences and information under the Web Forms link by clicking 'Family Demographic Form'. 

If you need assistance or your account is not active, contact Ms. Verbeten for assistance at

Parent Preferences in Family Portal