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Spiritual Emphasis Week

The first week of school each year is Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) where we have multiple chapels during the week to set the theme and to lay a firm foundation for chapels in the year to come.

This year, we spent time beginning to understand our theme verse:  2 Corinthians 10:5.

Elementary (K-5) has its chapel separate from MS/HS.  During Spiritual Emphasis Week, the MS/HS has one chapel together and then due to the high school's Advance, they have separate chapels.

Our elementary students kicked-off the new school year with the help of Mr. Paul Allen of WYAM and Pastor Mickey Best of Point of Grace Community Church for their SEW chapels.  Mr. Allen and Pastor Best not only helped us have fun learning about our theme, but gave us a solid base to build upon this year.

Meanwhile, our MS/HS students launched into Spiritual Emphasis Week with the help of ‘The Faster Pastor’ aka Pastor Don Wickstrum.  Pastor Wickstrum certainly provided a lot of octane to the first chapel of the new year for our older students!   

             → Learn from Pastor Wickstrum!  Watch his SEW Chapel.  

MS wrapped up SEW with powerful chapels from Miss Haynie and from Mr. Miller while HS finished SEW out at the annual Advance under the leadership of Mr. Butler.

Wrapping up August, the stage was set for a solid year of growth as we deepen our understanding of how to take ‘Every Thought Captive!’

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