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For Parents . . .

21V is a partnership between parents and Abundant Life Christian School to provide students with the knowledge and tools to live godly lives in the 21st century.  By partnering together, we are able to support our students as they face the hard questions in life.

Our Bodies, Self-Care, and Worship

Listen to our 21V Chapel focused on body image through a Biblical lens.

     - Hear the podcast HERE

     - Listen via YouTube HERE


Mental Health Matters:  Anxiety, Depression, & Suicidal Thoughts

Dr. Nadia Damm and Ms. Corina Helgestad of The Christian Counseling Center shared on Anxiety, Depression, & Suicidal Thoughts.

Click here to download resources on suicide & depression

Click here to download resources on anxiety

Flourishing Desire - Redirecting Compulsive Desires in a Land of Addiction

21V hosted a middle school & high school chapel that took an in-depth look at our desires.  Desire can lead to compulsive, destructive behaviors OR it can lead to a passion to know God, who is the source and fulfillment of all desire.

God has a plan to develop our desires to become great and be used for good.
We want to learn to see cheap, thin, ugly, short-lived, and destructive outlets as they really are. 
We want to learn to pursue what is true, beautiful (not sensual), enduring, and life-giving.  

God plants desires inside us. His intent is not for our frustration or abuse, but for a flourishing, abundant life.  God's plan, our choices, the choices of others, our family upbringing, and local culture have all shaped our desires.

LEARN MORE by listening to this powerful and informative 21V Chapel HERE.

Parent Resource: 

Information and discussion topics/questions

Find helpful discussion points and questions to further discuss this topic with your student.