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Curriculum & Activities

Each individual is uniquely created by God!  This basic truth is emphasized in our instruction for all students.  As a result, ALCS students learn to honor other people and to respect the rights and property of others.  Training in these principles establishes a school atmosphere of discipline and order.  This enables the ALCS faculty to devote more class time to actual teaching, thereby fostering academic excellence. 

We offer a challenging curriculum and a variety of educational opportunities for our students.  The basic curriculum ALCS uses for all elementary grades is Abeka.  At the middle and high school level, we use a combination of Christian and secular materials which best fit our instructional goals in each academic area.  All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.

Department Overview

The Elementary School Program (grades K through 5) includes course work in Bible, language arts (using a traditional phonics reading approach), history and social studies, mathematics, science (taught from the perspective of discovering God’s creation), science fair (held every other year), health, computer, physical education, art, library and music.  Beginning in 5th grade, students may participate in band and various sports.  Through our Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL), our 5th grade students have the opportunity to compete in volleyball (girls) or football (boys) in the fall and basketball in the winter.

Middle School
The Middle School Program (grades 6 through 8) provides course work in the five traditional areas of Bible, language arts, history, mathematics and science/health. Students also experience classes and activities in physical education, the fine arts, including art, drama, vocal music and instrumental music, Spanish, computer education, and a variety of competitive sports.

High School
At the high school level (grades 9 through 12), the core curriculum consists of the following areas: Bible, English, social studies, mathematics, science, and physical education.  Elective courses are offered in the areas of foreign language, business, vocal and instrumental music, art, drama, computer applications, and yearbook publications.  Student activities include: National Honor Society, worship, band, prayer groups, and various clubs, along with athletics.


Looking Beyond High School

Advanced Placement
ALCS provides courses in Advanced Chemistry & Physics as well Advanced Placement Calculus, Literature and Composition, European History, US Government, and US History.  These courses allow ALCS students to potentially earn college credits for their high school work.

College Readiness
ALCS graduates have gone on to succeed at many colleges and universities that meet their needs.  Because ALCS is a smaller school with a greater emphasis on leadership skills and academic excellence, a higher percentage of students will qualify for academic and service-based college scholarships.

Standardized Testing Results
ALCS students complete standardized tests annually.  Consistently, ALCS students achieve grade-equivalent scores that are years ahead of the national norms. Test results verify the effectiveness of our high academic standards and techniques.

ACT Test Scores
ALCS students consistently earn scores that are above the WI state ACT test scores in every subject.

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