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Art Education

Art is a 'specials' class in which our students learn to be fully expressive while building artistic skills and techniques along with developing an appreciation for art history and culture. Students are able to explore their creativity and imagination and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

God is the ultimate creator, and we are wired to be creative as well!  Our art classes are built to help students tap into their amazing creative potential and to learn to see the world through new eyes. Art is bi-weekly class for K-7 and an elective for 8th grade and high school.  Art Club is an elective option for students in grades 6-12.

Each year, Mrs. Gruchow and Mrs. Gabrielse, our ALCS art teachers for K-12, put together a dream list of items the art room could use. These items are “extra goodies” according to the teachers, which enhance the art class and art club experience.  If you have any of the following that you would be willing to donate to the art room for our art students, we would appreciate your partnership to expand the creative vision in the ALCS Art Room!! Thank you!

Buttons                                       Sewing Needles                                     Yarn
Black Bottle Caps                       Interesting Small Objects                     Old Jewelry
Knitting Needles                        Old (colorful) tee shirts                         Crocheting Hooks                                    

We could also use disinfectant wipes for the tables and shared tools.  

Elementary Art

“Thou, O God, will keep us in perfect peace whose imagination is stayed on Thee.”  Isaiah 26: 3

2nd Grade Art

Elementary Art is a powerful time of exploring creativity and building a strong foundation for art skills and appreciation for art. Our youngest artists focus on the following areas:

  • Aesthetics: Observing and sharing about the created world around us---the good, true and beautiful. To inspire us to creativity
  • Art Appreciation/History: We will be thinking and talking about works of art. Some projects are related to past/present artists.
  • Art Production: Creating, experiencing and practicing art through various media:  ceramics, collage, drawing, printmaking, tempera, acrylic and watercolor paints, some seasonal, weaving, etc.

When finished with the day's activity & clean up, students can explore and practice drawing & coloring skills. They may free draw or use our art room library to get ideas to draw & color from as references.

Middle School Art

MS Art 

Middle School Art focuses on building a foundation in studio art for our budding artists. The goal of class is to provide fun artistic experiences while building skills and techniques. We explore several media including: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, illustration and creative writing, printmaking. Topics we cover beyond technical skills include: identity, self-expression, art history, cultural diversity, and much more!

Each grade level builds upon the previous year and engrains basic art skills they will need in high school. Students who join part way through middle school will easily catch up to their classmates, so don’t ever be afraid to try it out. Each student is graded according to their effort and participation as an individual. They are not compared to one another but are held to a high standard according to what they are capable of. Students are challenged to always do their best. Good craftsmanship is required and creativity is fostered. We will be doing some class critiques where students learn how to present their art and how to positively critique other's work. Most projects will be done in class and will be several weeks long to ensure that students are reaching their full potential.

High School Art

HS 2D Art-Watercolor

General Information- High School Art is about growing your creativity and learning to express yourself. Any skill level is welcome if you’re open to learning. Just like any hobby or interest, the more you practice the better you will do. All classes will have sketch assignments due every other week related to your class and long term projects that we complete in class over multiple weeks. If you like art, enjoy beautiful things, are looking for therapy, want a challenge…whatever the reason, you should try taking an art class!

2D Art- 2D Art focuses on drawing and painting. Students experience several media including: charcoal drawing, portraiture, pen and ink, printmaking, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and pencil drawing. The class focuses on self-directed work in which students can explore the drawing or painting medium through a personal lens. We touch on several issues such as: social justice, critical observation, creation and the surrounding beauty, and the value of a human life.

3D Art- 3D Art is everything not flat! Students are exposed to several types of sculpture making and at the end of the year are expected to take the one they enjoyed the best and build upon the skills they’ve acquired. Building materials include: wire, paper maché, nature, books, textiles, wood and clay.

Mixed Media- Mixed Media Art is a blend of both 2D and 3D art, relying heavily upon creativity. Students are challenged to think outside the box with nearly every project. They are pushing the boundaries of what art is and exploring what it means to create. They will gain drawing, painting and sculpting skills throughout the class. Being flexible and open to new ideas is a must for this class.

Mrs. Gabrielse
K-5 Art
Mrs. Gruchow
6-12th Art



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