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ALCS welcomes homeschool students.  All incoming middle & high school students are required to complete a student interview and/or an assessment for consideration of enrollment. Placement in a particular course is determined by the administration.

ALCS accepts homeschool students in grades 9-12 and will provide a transcript of coursework if desired. Homeschool students in grades 6-8 may be admitted to classes by special arrangement with the principal.

Homeschool students may take up to two courses per semester. Course availability is subject to space availability. The numbers following courses indicated below represent the grade level that typically takes the class.  

The following is a list of potential courses offered to homeschool students:


Bible 9 — Historical Survey
Bible 10 — Apologetics
Bible 11 — Romans & Relationships
World Views (12)
World Religions (12)

Social Studies
American Government & Civics (9-12)
Adv. Placement U.S. Gov’t/Politics (9/10)
World History (9-12)
Adv. Placement European History (9/10)
Advanced Placement U.S. History (11)
U.S. History (11)
Psychology (11/12)
Sociology (11/12)
Global Studies (12)
Personal Finance (12)

High School English (9-12)
Speech (10)
Composition (10)
American Literature (11)
Adv. Placement English Language & Composition (11)
British Literature (12)
Adv. Placement English Literature & Composition (12)

Physical Science (9)
Biology (9/10)
Chemistry (10/11/12)
Physics (11/12)
Anatomy & Physiology (11/12)
    (Prereq: Biology & Chemistry)
Advanced Physics & Chemistry (12)

Pre-Algebra (9)
Algebra I (9/10)
Geometry (9/10/11)
Algebra II (10/11/12)
Advanced Math (11/12)
Advanced Placement Calculus AB (12)

Due to COVID-19, electives for the 2020-21 school year are subject to change
Spanish I, II, III, IV (9-12)
Computers (9-12) — [various offerings]
Concert Choir (9-12) 
Art (9-12)
Physical Education (9-12)
Publications (10/11/12)
Drama Club (9-12) — [taken in conjunction with Concert Choir]

2020-2021 Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee (non-refundable) 
Book/Activity Fee
Tuition-1 credit course (5 days per week)
Tuition-1/4 to 1/2 credit course (1-3 days per week)
Study Hall Supervision 
Standardized Testing 

$85 per year
$40 per course
$625 per semester
$350 per semester
$50 per semester
$30 per year

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