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Music is an integral part of the ALCS experience!

Music classes begin in Kindergarten and are a required element of our curriculum through 8th grade and serve as a fine arts elective in high school. Building a strong foundation in music theory along with an appreciation of music is at the heart of our music education program. Students not only learn how to sing, read and write music, and recognize a variety of music styles, but they learn music
performance skills and use their talents to bless others and honor the Lord.

Music is a wonderful way to share the gifts that God has given us and to praise Him who is worthy of our praise!

Elementary Music

Each year kindergarten through 5th grade students at ALCS will have approximately 45 hours of general music instruction (40 minutes, 2 times per week for 35 weeks of school). This is the equivalent of approximately 7 days of school-time. In this short amount of time, students will learn to create, perform, and critically respond to music. 

Like in learning a spoken language, students will work to become fluent musicians by engaging in music through reading, writing, listening, singing/saying, and vocabulary use. Students will explore the artistic side of music through performance, improvisation, and composition. Students will play instruments including the recorder, metallophone, xylophones, and percussion instruments. 

Using folk songs and other quality musical examples as a basis for class materials, the ALCS music curriculum pulls from a variety of resources to find what works best for the students in each class. Singing games, recorder karate (e.g., students progress from white belt to black belt), and moving to the music are a few examples of class activities.

Two highlights of our year include the Christmas and spring programs where parents, grandparents, and friends all turn out to support and enjoy the students’ performances.

In ALCS general music, we have fun, work hard, and pursue excellence as we learn about the beautiful world of music that God has given us.

MS & HS Choirs

Every student has a God-given instrument – the voice. This is a gift worth exploring through training and practice. The goal of ALCS choirs is to learn to find the joy of song and having it in their heart. Singers will develop beautiful tone and precise intonation as they learn to think, hear, and see blend with other musicians around them.

Choir is a performance-based class where two concerts are prepared each year — one at Christmas time and one in the spring. In the context of preparing concert repertoire, students are on a journey of learning how to decode and express the music they see on the page.

As we learn to sing, we hope to use our singing as a way to carry the presence of God to our community. We are building skills today that can be a blessing to our community tomorrow. We will be caroling in neighborhoods, singing at nursing homes, and going wherever the Spirit leads. To reach this goal, we begin by pursuing excellence in singing in the choir classroom.

ALCS has both a middle school and a high school choir, in addition to a chorale. Auditions are not required for the general choirs, but are required for chorale. High school choir students have the opportunity to compete individually at Solo and Ensemble. HS choir meets 2 days a week, and MS choir meets 2 days a week. Chorale meets 1 day a week. 

Mrs. Malhotra
Music Education
Mr. Vaughn
MS/HS Choir


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