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Student Activities

Each individual is uniquely created by God!  This basic truth is emphasized in our instruction for all students.  As a result, ALCS students learn to honor other people and to respect the rights and property of others.  Training in these principles establishes a school atmosphere of discipline and order.  This enables the ALCS faculty to devote more class time to actual teaching, thereby fostering academic excellence.

In addition, we recognize that a well-rounded curriculum supported by activities both in and out of the classroom provides the best opportunity for student to grow and mature as individuals.  As a result we have many unique programs and activities for students to choose from.

Abundant Life Christian School is a chapter of the National Honor Society. Students from tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades are potential candidates for membership and will utilize their abilities and talents to be of Christian service to school, church, community or special organizations. Members are selected on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship and service.

Middle and high school students who are interested in serving others may elect to participate as an Elementary Mentor/Volunteer.  This is an optional activity that comes with some responsibility and also many rewards.  The middle or high school students will be helping in an elementary classroom once or twice a week for 10-30 minutes at a time.  Students may help walking a classroom of elementary children from one classroom to another, listen to students read, review math facts, assist with lunchtime activities, or other special student needs.  The commitment is not time-intensive, but the benefits are numerous.  Students must have a personal desire to help others and enjoy working with younger students.

There are more than 30 million slaves in our world today. This is not just a problem overseas, but in the United States of America as well. Perhaps we’re not really the land of the free!  ALCS Challenges Trafficking (ACT) is a student group which meets once a month on Saturday nights to learn about this issue, raise awareness of human trafficking, and pray for an end to trafficking.

ACT is passionate about justice and about what breaks God’s heart. Our group has partnered with WE International which is a Madison-based group that fights poverty and injustice in six nations. Our money raised through fundraisers goes to fight injustice through the work WE International does.

This group is open only to high school students due to the violent and serious nature of the issues we discuss and the documentaries we watch. ACT is very relational and a great opportunity for students to challenge their views of the world and learn about what God thinks of the evils of human trafficking.

Contact Mrs. Gruchow at if you would like to learn more or have questions.

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Mrs. Gruchow


Many great references on the Internet are available including the following which we feel rank among the best:

WE International -

Not For Sale Campaign -

International Justice Mission -

In the spring, teams of ALCS middle and high school students volunteer up to an 8-hour day of service to others and collect sponsorships for each hour that they work. The students and their adult supervisor spend the day going to the homes of widows, the elderly, disabled persons, and other individuals and families with needs. Each team performs acts of service such as spring-cleaning, window washing, yard work, etc. 

We serve the area churches that our students represent. In addition to churches, cooperating agencies nominating individuals to be served include: East Madison Monona Coalition for the Aging, Middleton Outreach Ministry, and the Stoughton Senior Center.

CareNet Pregnancy Center, Middleton Outreach Ministry, and Youth with A Mission (YWAM) are among the organizations that have been served by ALCS teams.  Families and/or organizations from the communities of Belleville, Cottage Grove, Fitchburg, Madison, Middleton, Monona, Oregon, Stoughton, and Sun Prairie are generally included in the areas that we serve.

Serve-A-Thon Impact

An elderly woman in Madison wrote, "What a glorious day it was today with sunny rays and you busy bees in my yard. Thank you so much for all your help. It was kind of you to do the spring-cleaning yard work. Bless you."

A Middleton widow commented, “Please let these young people know how much they reinforce our faith in the future generation.” 

“I was so greatly blessed to have you share the busy Serve-A-Thon day with me!  Your help put me so ahead of my yearly ‘spring duties.’  I was a joy to receive your blessing of service!  Thank you so much.” - A single woman in Madison

Serve-A-Thon in Action




Serve-A-Thon Creativity

 Past students created this video to share the blessing of Serve-a-thon as well as the fun!