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Requirements & GPA Scale At-a-Glance


Detailed Graduation Requirements

A graduating student must have earned a minimum of twenty- four credits in courses designed to meet the academic standards as set by the school’s governing body including, but not limited to, the following credits:

English/Language Arts-4 Credits 
The Language Arts program includes a broad spectrum of studies including: reading/literacy, spelling, vocabulary, composition, grammar, literature, and speech. 

Social Studies-4 Credits 
The Social Studies program includes the areas of United States and world history, geography, government, contemporary history, and citizenship.  It also includes social sciences such with classes in sociology and psychology. Prior to graduation, each high school student will also be required to pass the state required Wisconsin Civics Test with a score of 65 or better.

Bible-4 Credits 
Bible credits are to include at least one semester each of World Views and World Religions. Knowledge of the Bible is fundamental to education. Bible class is taught at all grade levels as well as incorporated in all subject matters. Parents of choice students may opt their child out of Bible class by notifying the school in writing no later than 8:00 am on the first day of instruction of each school year. Correspondence should be sent to the attention of the Choice Administrator. If opted out of Bible class, four credits from core academic subject matter must replace the Bible credits.  

Mathematics-3 Credits 
The Mathematics program is designed to assist students in acquiring skill in problem-solving and the abstract concepts found in algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry and calculus. 

Science-3 Credits 
The science program is designed to offer high school students opportunities in physical science, biology/life science and laboratory/inquiry-based science such as chemistry or physics. 

Physical Education-1.5 Credits 
The Physical Education program consists of activities and experiences to meet the health, safety, physical fitness and recreational needs of students.

Health-.50 Credits 
The Health curriculum fulfills the state health class requirement for high school students. 

Financial Literacy-.50 Credits
The Financial Literacy program fulfills the state requirement for high school students.

Electives as determined by the high school program, sufficient to reach the minimum of twenty-four credits for graduation.  Electives are available in the areas of foreign language, fine arts, and/or computer and technology.

All students must maintain a minimum of 6.0 credits per academic year. 

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