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Mission Statement: Sharing God’s Truth through Story

The drama department at ALCS provides opportunities for middle school and high school students
to participate in and learn about various aspects of drama and theater.  Students are taught that each
performance is an opportunity to bring characters to life, share a story with the audience, inspire and
entertain the audience, and ultimately to do their very best and give glory to God.

The Abundant Life Christian School Drama Department is constantly seeking out new opportunities
for students to engage in the arts, gain valuable experience, and expand their capabilities and talent. 
Throughout the school year, students can take part in workshops, scene readings, trips to local theatrical
performances, and technical training sessions.  In addition to helping students gain specific skills in
drama and theater, these activities help students to grow in confidence, communication and teamwork. 

Middle School and High School Drama classes are held once a week.  In addition, Middle School and
High School students can participate in Drama Club.  Drama Club takes place once a month after
school in the fall, with additional opportunities as they become available.

ALCS is grateful to be a part of the Overture Center for the Arts Tommy Awards Program.  Over the years, we
have had students selected to participate in the Tommy Ensemble as well as the Tommy Awards Student Critic
Program.  Participation in the Tommy Awards Program gives our students amazing opportunities for growing their
talent, working with theatre professionals, and more.

Each spring, Abundant Life Christian High School presents a play or musical and offers opportunities for middle school
and elementary students to participate, as available, with the high school students. These productions provide learning
opportunities for our students in on stage areas such as acting, dancing, and singing as well as in off stage areas such
as set painting, props, costumes, lighting, sound, stage management, and more.

Our past productions are listed below:

2017- Fiddler on the Roof 2009-You Can’t Take it with You
2016 - 30 Minute Shakespeare:
Much Ado About Nothing & Romeo and Juliet
2008-The Sound of Music
2016 - Rogers + Hammerstein's Cinderella
(Broadway Version)
2007-You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
2015- Oklahoma! 1996-Bow Down
2014-40 Minute Shakespeare:
Hamlet & A Midsummer Night’s Dream
1995-The Great “Artrageous” Adventure
2014-Annie 1992-The Grateful Café
2013-All The World’s A Stage 1990-Reunion
2013-Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat 1989-Agape Boat
2012-The Music Man 1988-Friends Forever
2011-Hello Dolly 1987-High Tops

An excerpt from "From Mormons to 'Stella,' The 10 top arts performances in 2015":

After seeing more than 100 shows on local stages from Spring Green to the Overture Playhouse this year, I’d say the arts in Madison are alive and well...These were 10 of my personal highlights of 2015:

April 30: “Oklahoma!” by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers, Abundant Life Christian School

This is my seventh season as a reviewer for Overture Center’s Tommy Awards, a program that recognizes and honors excellence in high school musical theater. Some years, musicals at nearby high schools, like Edgewood High School’s “Mary Poppins” or Oregon’s “Little Shop of Horrors,” really impress me.

Last spring, “Oklahoma!” at Abundant Life was one of these, directed by Sarah Karlen. Staged in a church, the production nonetheless had ambitious choreography, believable characters and fine stage pictures. It was an excellent show, among the best I saw from a high school this year.

- Lyndsay Christians, the Capital Times

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