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Abundant Life Christian School intentionally trains our athletes for God-honoring competition; teaching them about faith, hope and love; and thereby transforming their hearts through individual performance and team participation.  Our motivation:  to manifest Christian character and to model love and sacrifice for others as we make disciples through athletics.

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner
worthy of the gospel of Christ."
                                                                                         Phillipians 1:27a

Middle School Sports:
Girls Volleyball, Cross Country Boys Football, Cross Country
Girls Basketball Boys Basketball
Girls Track, Golf Boys Track, Golf

High School Sports:
Girls Volleyball Boys Football
Girls Cross Country Boys Cross Country,  Soccer
Girls Basketball Boys Basketball
Girls Track, Golf, Soccer Boys Track, Golf


Kind Words for ALCS . . .

Each month, officials are encouraged to submit examples of exemplary sportsmanship to WIAA for their monthly newsletter, the WIAA Bulletin.  ALCS greatly appreciates the kind words submitted to the February edition by an official who officiated a game here recently against Horicon:

"As always is the case at Abundant Life Christian, Athletics Director David Haugen greeted us and made sure we had everything we needed and his people at the table did their usual great job.  The girls and coaches made the game an enjoyable one to officiate.  On several occasions, the captains for both teams went to retrieve a ball that rolled off the court and neither teams players reacted in a negative manner towards a call.  The coaches also conducted themselves in a very professional manner, asking only about a call they disagreed with instead of yelling that a call was missed or wrong.  [These] schools can be proud of the teams and the personnel involved in the game." 

Reporting Official: Dennis Baumann

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Baumann!  Sportsmanship matters and we try every game to represent the Lord, our school, and our fans in the manner that they deserve . . . a high-level of respect and integrity!

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