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Graduation Requirements
High School Graduation Requirements

Each course is ½ credit per semester with the exception of Phy Ed and most electives which are ¼ credit per semester.

All students must maintain a minimum of 6.0 credits per academic year.  24 credits are required for graduation.


Bible 9, Bible 10, Bible 11, Bible 12 (World Views & Religions)

4 Credits


English 9, Speech & Composition, British Literature, American Literature

Advanced Placement:
   Literature & Composition

4 Credits

Social Studies

American Government & Civics, Personal Finance, Sociology & Psychology, World History, & Global Studies

Advanced Placement:
   European History
   US Government
   US History

 4 Credits


Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Consumer Math, Advanced Math

 Advanced Placement:

3 Credits


Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Chemistry & Physics

3 Credits

Physical Education

General PE, Weight Training, Fitness for Athletes

Every student must have Physical Education each year, unless medically excused.  *Beginning with the class of 2015, students will take one semester of PE in 9th grade, & 1 semester of Health.

2 Credits
*(1½ Credits beginning with the class of 2015)


A Health class meeting the state requirement for graduation is offered.  All students transferring into ALCS who have not previously met this requirement must fulfill it through ALCS, or if it will not fit into their schedule, through an independent study class.

½ Credit


Art, Band, Choir, Computers, Publications, Spanish

4 Credits


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