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ALCS Challenges Trafficking

The Origin of ACT at ALCS

ALCS Art Teacher Katie Gruchow first learned about human trafficking during her DTS with YWAM in 2009. DTS is Discipleship Training school, Youth with a Mission's first school for training missionaries. Mrs. Gruchow and her husband did their DTS here in Madison with the focus on Children at Risk.  They did their outreach in India. Together, they saw trafficking first hand in the brothels of India and on the streets (think Slumdog Millionaire). 

After teaching at ALCS for a little while, Mrs. Gruchow invited her friend David Lippiatt of WE International to speak at a MS/HS Chapel in 2011.  He shared about human trafficking. Some high school students were so moved that they approached Mrs. Gruchow after chapel, wanting to do something. They didn't want to know people were in slavery and just go on with their lives. As young people, they couldn't quit school and become abolitionists.  What does it look like to make a difference? 

In response, Mrs. Gruchow started ACT along with support of fellow high school teacher Mr. White. Over the years, the ACT meetings have changed a bit...we've done everything from fruit smoothie sales to 5ks and more...but the core of our group is our monthly meetings. We gather around good food, often from other cultures, and just enjoy each other’s company...followed by a time of learning...then end with prayer and worship.

Without God, the issue of trafficking is too heavy for us. He truly cares about the people that are enslaved (both victims and traffickers) and He calls us to do something. We all can make an impact and do our part to lessen demand, raise awareness, learn, write our government officials, etc.

It is an absolute joy to lead a group of high school students who give up one Saturday night a month to learn about and respond to this evil. They are committed to learning about and responding to human trafficking, and they take the issue to the Lord – how sweet it is to pray and worship with them at the end of each meeting, how powerful to learn to lay all burdens before the King of Kings!  These young people are making a difference!!

Thank you to all who are involved and who are already doing something...be that through ALCS, your local church, Dressember, the products you buy, Freedom Swim, and much more! May God bring each who is enslaved out of the shadows and into His glorious light.

Like to get involved?  Contact Mrs. Gruchow for ideas to get involved or local events to help in the fight against human trafficking.

ACT - ALCS Challenges Trafficking

There are more than 30 million slaves in our world today. This is not just a problem overseas, but in the United States of America as well . . . perhaps we’re not really the land of the free!  ALCS Challenges Trafficking (ACT) is a student group which meets once a month on Saturday nights to learn about this issue, raise awareness of human trafficking, and pray for an end to trafficking.

ACT is passionate about justice and about what breaks God’s heart. Our group has partnered with WE International which is a Madison-based group that fights poverty and injustice in six nations. Our money raised through fundraisers goes to fight injustice through the work WE International does.

This group is open only to high school students due to the violent and serious nature of the issues we discuss and the documentaries we watch. ACT is very relational and a great opportunity for students to challenge their views of the world and learn about what God thinks of the evils of human trafficking.

Contact Mrs. Gruchow at kgruchow@alcs.us if you would like to learn more or have questions.

Many great references on the Internet are available including the following which we feel rank among the best:

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