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Welcome to Chapel Chatter!

Chapel Chatter shares highlights from what we learned in our various Chapels.   

Chapel occurs weekly at ALCS on Tuesdays for our K-5 students and on Thursdays for our middle school and high school students.

 Chapel Chatter


Elementary Chapel                                           September 29
                                                                        Chapel Speaker:  Mrs. Helen Matos


Mrs. Matos, ALCS' new Kindergarten teacher, comes to the United States from Pretoria, South Africa.  She shared how it was hard to leave her friends and family and move to a new country, but she was excited to go where God asked her to go.  Moving was hard, but God kept Mrs. Matos and her family safe during the move and He met all their needs.  One of her great worries was making new friends in her new country. The good news is that God provided lots of opportunities for her to make friends and to feel comfortable in her new 'home.'  Mrs. Matos wanted and prayed for the chance to share her love for Jesus with others here in the US like she was able to do in South Africa. While we know Mrs. Matos is a teacher, she is also a missionary.  She is a missionary because her mission is to share Christ's love with others whereever she is.  God has given her that opportunity here in Madison.  Being a friend to someone, she reminded us, is a great way to share the love of Jesus.  We can be kind, helpful, friendly, respectful, and encouraging.  As we make friends, we can tell them of Jesus' love and goodness.  We can be missionaries right here in our own school and in our neighborhoods, in Madison or whatever city or town we live in!  We don't have to go to another country to be friends with someone and tell them about Jesus - we can do that right here, wherever 'here' is!   


FUN FACT:  Mrs. Matos used to teach Kindergarten in South Africa!  One of the things our students learned is that all students there are required to wear uniforms to school.  




endurance definition

MS/HS Chapel Chatter               October 1               Speaker:  Pastor Derrick Valencik

        Christian Endurance:  steadfastness; patiently waiting for;
                                              continuing one's Christian commitment in the face of difficulty

In this week’s MS/HS Chapel, Pastor Derrick Valencik joined us and spoke about endurance from a Biblical perspective.  He discussed how we all face hard times or challenges and everyone of them are as different and unique as we are.  As a person, we can expect hard times.  As a Christian, we can and are expected to endure.  Our endurance, he noted, is one of the hardest things we are called to do when things are hard. However, we are called to wait, to trust in the Lord, to be patient.  This is a challenge in and of itself.  With each challenge or difficult situation we face, what we see is God working in us and through us as we endure these hard times.  We are able to do anything, face anything, battle anything no matter how impossible it may seem when God is with us FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD [Luke 18:27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Ephesians 3:20]. When we are faced with challenges AND we will be faced with challenges, let God sustain, let God hold, let God help.  He wants to do the hard work for us, but He requires willing hearts and minds.  We aren't asked to do anything on our own - we often chose that path.  God says He will be with us - ask Him to support, hold, and help you endure.  As he reminded us, in Philippians 1:6 we are told that God will follow through for us - "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

CHALLENGE:  Pastor Valencik closed by challenging each of us to ask God where we lack endurance.  Once we identify those areas, we were asked to partner with a friend and share the area we need to grow in; to pray for each other; and to support each other as God works in our areas of weakness.  While we took the challenge, we considered the lyrics of Jason Waller's song 'I Need Jesus' which reminds us that needing Jesus is a beautiful thing.




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