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Middle & High School Choirs

Every student has a God-given instrument – the voice. This is a gift worth exploring through training and practice. The goal of ALCS choirs is to learn to sing. Singers develop beautiful tone and precise intonation as they learn to think, hear, and see musically through the use of handsigns and solfege syllables (do, re, mi, etc.). By using handsigns while singing, students kinesthetically and visually connect to the notes that they sing, becoming independent musicians who are able to sing confidently and competently. 

Choir is a performance-based class, and we prepare two concerts each year – one at Christmas time and one in the spring. In the context of preparing concert repertoire, students are on a journey of learning how to decode and express the music they see on the page.

As we become more proficient in our musical ability within the next few years, we hope to use our singing as a way to carry the presence of God to our community. We are building skills today that can be a blessing to our community tomorrow. We have hopes of caroling in the mall, performing at the capitol, singing at nursing homes, and going wherever the Spirit leads. To reach this goal, we begin by pursuing excellence in singing in the choir classroom.

ALCS has both a middle school and a high school choir. Auditions are not required. High school choir students have the opportunity to compete individually at Solo and Ensemble. HS choir meets 3 days a week, and MS choir meets 2 days a week.  

(See http://www.armstrongmusicliteracy.com for more on Bel Canto Solfeggio handsigns.)

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