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Elementary Music Classes

Each year kindergarten through 5th grade students at ALCS will have approximately 45 hours of general music instruction (40 minutes 2 times per week for 35 weeks of school). This is the equivalent of approximately 7 days of school time. In this short amount of time, students will learn to create, perform, and critically respond to music. 

Like in learning a spoken language, students will work to become fluent musicians by engaging in music through reading, writing, listening, singing/saying, and vocabulary use. Students will explore the artistic side of music through performance, improvisation, and composition. Students will play instruments including the recorder, metalophones, xylophones, and percussion instruments. 

Using folk songs and other quality musical examples as a basis for class materials, the ALCS music curriculum pulls from a variety of resources to find what works best for the students in each class. Singing games, recorder karate (e.g., students progress from white belt to black belt), and moving to the music are a few examples of class activities.

Two highlights of our year include the Christmas and spring programs where parents, grandparents, and friends all turn out to support and enjoy the students’ performances.

In ALCS general music, we have fun, work hard, and pursue excellence as we learn about the beautiful world of music that God has given us.

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