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Challenger Athletic Schedules

High School Athletics

ALCS is a member if the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association or WIAA.  ALCS competes in the Trailways Conference for high school athletics.  Links for these organizations are listed to the right in our "Quick Links" section.

High school schedules can be found below and are also updated on our school website calendar frequently.

High School Schedules

Middle School (5-8th) Athletics


ALCS participates in Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL).

Additional games may also be scheduled with local area middle schools.
Middle School Athletics are open to 5th-8th grade students. 
Size and make-up of teams depends on student interest and participation.
*4th grade students may be invited to participate if numbers are low and additional players are needed to make up a team.

Middle School Schedules


iCal: iCalendar Format
August 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1August 1, 2019
2August 2, 2019
3August 3, 2019
4August 4, 2019
5August 5, 2019
HS Girls' Volleyball Fall Sports Meeting, 5:30pm
6August 6, 2019
HS Boys' Basketball Open Gyms, 6:30-8:00 pm
7August 7, 2019
8August 8, 2019
9August 9, 2019
10August 10, 2019
11August 11, 2019
12August 12, 2019
HS VB-Open Gym, 6-8pm
13August 13, 2019
HS Sports Meeting for Boys Soccer & Boys/Girls Cross Country- @ MCDS, 6:00pm
14August 14, 2019
15August 15, 2019
16August 16, 2019
17August 17, 2019
18August 18, 2019
19August 19, 2019
HS VB Practice (M), 3:45-5:45pm
20August 20, 2019
HS VB Practice (T), 3:45-5:45pm
21August 21, 2019
HS VB Practice (W), 3:45-5:45pm
22August 22, 2019
HS VB Practice (R), 3:45-5:45pm
23August 23, 2019
HS VB Practice (F), 3:45-5:45pm
24August 24, 2019
HS VB Scrimmage, JV/V@ Dodgeland, 8:00am
25August 25, 2019
26August 26, 2019
HS VB Practice (M), 3:45-5:45pm
27August 27, 2019
HS VB Varsity Quad vs. U. Lake, Juda, MCDS, 4pm
28August 28, 2019
HS VB Practice (W), 3:45-5:45pm
29August 29, 2019
HS VB Practice (R), 3:45-5:45pm
30August 30, 2019
HS VB Practice (F), 3:45-5:45pm
31August 31, 2019
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