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Tuition Rates

Abundant Life Christian School works hard to balance making tuition as affordable as possible with the responsibility of operating the school on sound financial principles.

One of the ways we do this is through Variable Tuition.

What is Variable Tuition?

Variable Tuition Rates

Variable Tuition Explained
2019-2020 Rates
2020-2021 Rates

K-8th Grade

9-12th Grade


K-8th Grade

9-12th Grade

Actual Cost to Educate an ALCS Student

$8,275.00 $10,150.00   $8,525.00 $10,450.00

Typical Variable Tuition Award*
(ALL families benefit from the Variable Tuition Award)

*The award noted above creates a budget deficit that we attempt to cover each year through generous donations and gifts from City Church, alumni, grandparents, faculty/staff and parents, along with area businesses and churches. All families benefit from this award.


Billed Tuition Amount AFTER Variable Tuition Award

$6,700.00 $8,375.00   $6,900.00 $8,625.00
Registration Fee (annual) $220/student   $220/student




Additional Tuition Assistance & Awards

The oldest enrolled student in each household pays full tuition, and additional students are individually discounted at the indicated rates below. Tuition payment plans are chosen once a student is enrolled and account is set up.

Multi-Child Discount Rates

# Children in
Household Enrolled
Tuition Rate
Grades K - 8
Tuition Rate
HS Grades
9 - 12
  Tuition Rate
Grades K - 8
Tuition Rate
HS Grades
9 - 12
1st Student in Household $6,700.00 $8,375.00   $6,900.00 $8,625.00
2nd Student in Household $5,226.00 $6,532.50   $5,382.00 $6,727.50
3rd Student in Household $4,087.00   $5,108.75    $4,209.00  $5,261.25
4th Student in Household $3,417.00 $4,271.25   $3,519.00 $4,398.75


Families may also qualify for additional variable tuition discounts by filling out the Variable Tuition Application. Other discounts available to families include:

Pastoral Discounts, Tuition Assistance based on household income, and other assistance based on household income. Please contact the Admissions for more information.

WI Parental Choice Program (School Choice) information can be found here.

*International tuition rates are different, and can be found by clicking here.

Registration Fee:

A registration fee must be paid at the time of registration.The registration fee is non-refundable. 

Tuition covers about 80-85% of the actual cost of educating each student. The remaining 15-20% of expenses must be secured each year from other sources.

The purpose of the ALCS Development program is to build the long-term financial strength and stability from sources above and beyond tuition. Accountability is maintained through the City Church Elder Board, the Impact Christian School Board, and through a financial audit by an outside CPA firm. Our programs are outlined below.

Annual Fund:

“Blessed to Be a Blessing” Annual Fund gifts are the primary means of covering the shortfall between tuition/fees and the cost of educating each student. We believe in financial responsibility and in paying our own bills, including tuition for services rendered by the school. We also realize that at times some families find themselves in significant financial straits and unable to afford the full cost of tuition. It is the desire of ALCS that all who want a Christian education be able to obtain it. For this reason scholarship funding and compensating our staff fairly have been identified as two of the top priorities for our “Blessed to Be a Blessing” Annual Fund. Every ALCS family is asked to share in the responsibility of providing annual fund support. Families who can contribute at a higher level are encouraged to do so. All unrestricted gifts to the “Blessed to Be a Blessing” annual fund are fully tax-deductible.

Tuition Assistance/Scholarships:

The ALCS Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Fund has been established to assist families who need help in paying tuition. These funds are given by donors with the intent of helping families with verifiable financial needs.


Serve-A-Thon is designed to help us raise funds for our school while at the same time giving our students an educational experience consistent with the mission of ALCS. ALCS 6th — 12th grade students are asked to volunteer an 8-hour day of service to others and to seek pledges for each hour they work. Work teams, accompanied by an adult driver and team leader, perform acts of service such as window washing or raking leaves.

amazing grace race:

The amazing grace race has a two-fold purpose: to have healthy fun while raising funds for our school! Elementary students, Kindergarten -5th grade, are asked to join the fun and raise funds to support them as they run our amazing grace race. Students run for 1 hour and seek donations to support their efforts. Family and friends are invited to join us for the race.

Designated Donations:

Cash gifts designated for specific needs are possible for most ALCS departments. Designated gift lists are available through the ALCS Business Office.


Scrip is simply gift cards/certificates purchased through ALCS at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! 65% of your Scrip profits will be used to pay tuition and fees or directed to benefit another family of your choice. The “Gas & Groceries/Cash & Carry” program is easy to use. Friends and relatives’ Scrip purchases can also be credited to your account.

ALCS Foundation — Planned Gift:

Wise use of planned gifts can save thousands of dollars in estate and income taxes. The ALCS Foundation's Planned Giving Program assists donors in making gifts of stock, insurance, or other appreciated assets.

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