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Home School Course Information

ALCS welcomes homeschool students.  All incoming middle & high school students are required to complete a student interview and/or an assessment for consideration of enrollment. Placement in a particular course is determined by the administration.

ALCS accepts homeschool students in grades 9-12 and will provide a transcript of coursework if desired. Homeschool students in grades 6-8 may be admitted to classes by special arrangement with the principal.

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Homeschool Courses Offerings

Homeschool students may take up to two courses per semester.

  • Course availability is subject to space availability.  
  • The numbers following courses indicated below represent
    the grade level that typically takes the class.  
The following is a list of potential courses offered to homeschool students:
Bible (9/10/11)
World Views & Religions (12)
Physical Science (9)
Biology (9/10)
Chemistry (10/11/12)
Physics (11/12)
Anatomy & Physiology (11/12- Prereq: Biology & Chemistry)
Advanced Physics & Chemistry (12)

Pre-Algebra (9)
Algebra I (9/10)
Geometry (9/10/11)
Algebra II (10/11/12)
Advanced Math (11/12)
Advanced Placement Calculus (12)


High School English (9-12)
Speech (10)
Composition (10)
American Literature (11)
Adv. Placement English Literature (11/12)
British Literature (12)

Social Studies

American Government & Civics (9-12)
Adv. Placement U.S.Gov’t/Politics (9/10)
World History (9-12)
Adv. Placement European History (9/10)
Advanced Placement U.S. History (11)
U.S. History (11)
Psychology (11/12)
Sociology (11/12)
Global Studies (12)
Personal Finance (12)


Spanish I, II, III, IV (9-12)
Computers (9-12) 
     -[various offerings]
Concert Choir (9-12) 
     -[by audition]
Art (9-12)
Physical Education (9-12)
Publications (10/11/12)
Drama Club (9-12)
    -[taken in conjunction
      with Concert Choir]

Homeschool Course Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee (non-refundable) $85    per year
Book/Activity Fee $40   per course
Tuition-1 credit course (5 days per week) $600  per semester
Tuition-1/4 to 1/2 credit course (1-3 days per week) $325  per semester
Study Hall Supervision $50    per semester
Standardized Testing $30    per year
  • First semester fees and tuition are due on or before the first day of class in first semester. 
  • Second semester and two-semester classes will have tuition due on or before the first day of class second semester.
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