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Knowledge of the Bible is fundamental to education.  Elementary students are taught God’s precepts through Bible stories, character traits and providing the opportunity for personal application.  Secondary coursework includes in-depth study in both Old and New Testaments as well as topical studies of scripture and examination of the character and nature of God.


Language Arts

The Language Arts program includes a broad spectrum of studies including:  letter recognition, phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, composition, grammar, penmanship, creative writing, literature, and speech.  Courses in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition are also available.


Social Studies

Social Studies include the areas of Wisconsin, United States, and World History, Geography, World Views, World Religions, Government, Contemporary History, and Citizenship.  It also includes the Social Sciences with classes in Sociology, Personal Finance, and Advanced Placement United States History, American Government and European History.



In the elementary grades, the fundamentals and discipline of mathematics are taught.  In middle school and high school, students acquire skills in problem-solving and the abstract concepts found in Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Mathematics, and Advanced Placement Calculus.  Courses in Business and Consumer Math are also available.



Elementary students are introduced to the principles of creation and the natural laws of science.  Specific courses in middle and high school include Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Courses in Advanced Chemistry and Physics are also available.


Foreign Language

High school students are given the opportunity to study Spanish in a four-year program designed to give them the skill to speak, understand, read and write basic Spanish in most everyday situations.  Conversational Spanish is offered in a number of the elementary classrooms.



Upper elementary middle school students complete training in the areas of basic computer operation, keyboarding and word processing.  High school students may elect subsequent courses dealing with various applications such as Publisher, Power Point, Excel, Front Page, Dreamweaver, Flash and Introduction to Computer Science.


Fine Arts

Abundant Life Christian School teaches that the arts are a gift from God.  Our program includes Art and Music Education (vocal, instrumental and drama).  The Fine Arts program enhances and provides an aesthetic dimension to our students’ lives.  The Fine Arts Booster Club provides support and encouragement to Art, Band, Music and Drama.


Physical Education and Health

Instruction in Health and Physical Education will consist of activities and experiences to meet the health, safety, physical fitness and recreational needs of the students.  Health units are incorporated in the elementary curriculum.  ALCS fulfills the state health class requirement for 9th –12th grade.  We have a dynamic physical education program that includes general physical education and weight training classes.  Physical education/Health classes are required for all grades and are held twice weekly.


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