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Archives - July 2017

Summer Reading Reminder

July 21, 2017
By Miss Barbie

Whether in elementary or high school, all K-12 students are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes a day (or be read to for our youngest students). If a student is able to read longer - great! The most important thing you can do to prepare for back to school is to read, read, read!!

One way to make reading easier is to use this helpful guide from maketaketeach.com that helps parents of younger children select books at the right reading level. When a book is too hard a child who struggles with reading will give up quickly and when a book is too easy, a child can easily get bored.  Finding the right book for the reading level and a book of interest is important to support reading.  It's fine for a child to read 'everything' on horses or cars or dinosaurs if s/he has a particular interest.  Children go through phases and eventually that interest can lead to reading other topics and/or genres.  

Finally, a child is never too old to be read to out loud.  Whether 2 or 12, listening to a parent read out loud or sharing a book on tape/cd is a good thing.  The time together, the discussion of the content, the opportunity to build memories (and vocabulary) are so incredibly valuable.  There are tons of free books to listen to for all ages and can be checked out from the local library, downloaded via an app, or found easily in a web search.  You might try OpenCulture's free website.  If you haven't considered a read aloud time as part of your family's reading plan, I would encourage you to do so.  The investment of even a chapter a day will pay rich dividends.  

Happy Reading!  
Miss Barbie

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