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Archives - March 2017

Screenagers: Relatable. Educational. Influential.

March 14, 2017
By Sydney H, 11th grade
Most Americans are spending 10+ hours in front of screens each day. Of the different age groups, kids seem to be the most susceptible. Video games, social media, and texting are all things that are pulling children and teens (and even adults) into alternate universes and distracting many from the things that are important (homework, chores, etc.).
This Thursday, March 16, our school, Abundant Life Christian School, will be screening the award-winning documentary Screenagers which addresses and investigates the effects of technology on children and teens. The director based the film on her decisions regarding a cellphone for her daughter.
As a teen myself, I sometimes find myself struggling with time management regarding my smartphone. With such a predominant distraction it gets hard to ignore all the functions of my phone and focus on what’s important. Screenagers digs into the adolescent mind and how it is affected by hours of screen time and the types of activities being consumed.
This documentary is an eye opening experience for both parents and teens! Click HERE to view the trailer and then please come see Screenagers on Thursday, March 16, at 7:30p in the City Church sanctuary (4909 E Buckeye Rd, Madison; free admission and optional post-screening discussion).  

                                                                           ~Sydney H, 11th grade
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