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Archives - July 2016

Badger Girls State 2k16: A Week to Remember!

July 28, 2016
By Miss Barbie

Badger Girls State is a unique and valuable experience.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend and be a part of this amazing event!  It was super fun and also very educational. Education can be fun? Yes! At BGS, I learned a lot about government and parliamentary procedure . . . which I agree may sound boring but was honestly a blast.

We created our own city, county, and state government entirely regulated and ran by those attending that week. It doesn't matter if you are interested in history and politics or just want to have fun with hundreds of great girls your age.  BGS has something for everyone!

I didn't know anybody when I headed to Oshkosh in June for BGS, but I made one friend I know I’ll have for life along with four very close friends, and about 50 new friends with whom I am trying to keep in touch. Learning and leading with my city of Ashby was amazing and will always hold a special spot in my memory.

The days are intense and a bit long but totally worth the work! I ran for an Assembly office and my roommate ran for a Senate office. I wasn't successful but ended up a city official and my roommate was elected a Senator. What life did we have for being in those positions? We owned the OJ Farm. So, we were orange farmers with our own brand of orange juice! This was part of the fun of making the rules - senators who make orange juice.  However, you need to know it is not all silly rules and fun.  Participating in BGS teaches you about public speaking and campaigning as well as how to be an active participant in politics. The entire staff at BGS were once BGS participants, so they know the program and are very helpful and supportive.

We got to meet Governor Scott Walker and Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Believe it or not, Governor Walker is a selfie bomber! He snuck into the background of many selfies.

I will forever appreciate the opportunity to attend Badger Girls State and thoroughly encourage all girls in high school to seriously consider taking advantage of the opportunity to attend - it is definitely worth it!

Class of 2017

Badger Boys State 2016: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

July 15, 2016
By Miss Barbie

Badger Boys State is an experience like none other!
High schools around the state are invited to select an incoming senior young man to represent their school at Badger Boys State.  The representatives spend a week at Ripon College and discover more about their own leadership potential and abilities along with growing in knowledge about our government . . . probably more than they ever knew before.

The boys learn what it means to be a leader, friend, student, athlete, and citizen of the United States.  It’s designed to be one of the most challenging, rewarding, and fun experiences of a guy’s life!

Badger Boys State was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone interested in going outside of their comfort zone and becoming a better leader . . . regardless if interested in politics or not! 
At BBS 2016, there were 880 guys.  I only knew one before I went but I was able to make friends that I will keep for a long time.
The days were very rigorous - around 17-18 hours of activity a day - but it was worth it! Everything (with the exception of some political meetings) was beneficial and there was stuff to learn in it all.  I wasn't that into the political side of things, but I attended law school and the school for public speaking.  I even ran for all the law offices at the city and county level!   I got the nominations for some, but never got elected.  That’s part of the experience!
I was appointed by the circuit court judge to be the jury commissioner. There were a lot of really bright guys there and it motivated me to become better.  I realized the amount of talent around me and it was impressive.  BBS 2016 also helped me to come out of my comfort zone in public speaking and improve in it.   It’s a great life skill and I’m happy to be more comfortable with public speaking now.
The staff was all former Badger Boys Staters and they were the best! One of my counselors graduated from Yale and has studied in Cairo.  The other is a YouTube star and was really very talented, too.  They were helpful, supportive, and encouraging.
I’m really glad I took the chance to apply for Badger Boys State.  I would encourage any of the guys in the Junior class to do the same – it’s worth it!  You’ll learn a lot and learn a lot about yourself.  
Class of 2017
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