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Archives - June 2016

The First Five Years: 1800 Days that Matter!

June 03, 2016
By Miss Barbie
The first five years of life are an amazing time of growth and development for a child.  In those first 1800 days of life, a child changes enormously and their development is critcally important to their academic success in school.
As part of Madison Christian Schools vision of 'educating the next generationof servant leaders who will impact the world for the glory of God,' we are happy to announce a partnership with “1800 Days.”

1800 Days is a grassroots organization that is committed to eliminating the achievement gap in Dane County, through community engagement in 1800 days (or five years), one child at a time .  Pastor Harold Rayford of The Faith Place Church is spearheading this initiative.

We are connecting resources and services in Dane County with the common goal of moving minority children forward in a positive way with families who want to prepare their children for bright futures.  This partnership: family, church, and school speaking with one voice in to the lives of our children beginning at birth has tremendous power.  Madison Christian Schools and 1800 Days together are better at preparing children for bright, Christ-centered futures.   

Madison Christian Schools' two campuses - Abundant Life Christian & High Point Christian - are honored to be part of the exciting work 1800 Days is doing!  


Once we know about a need or a problem, one important question always comes to mind . . . "what can I do?"  Sometimes it feels like a problem is too big or complex to 'solve' and so we feel helpless.  One thing we can rest in - we are never helpless for we serve the One who is our help, who is the answer.

What we all can do . . . the critical need is always for prayer!  
                                        Please pray for “1800 Days.”

Want to do more?  Learn more about the program so you can advocate for it,
                                 share it, and let others know what this amazing program is
                                 doing to change lives in Dane County.

Want to be part of the solution?  Consider volunteering for or supporting the
                                                         work of 1800 Days.  

More information can be found at www.only1800days.org.
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