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Archives - December 2016

Spelling Bee Buzz!

December 19, 2016
By Miss Barbie

The b-u-z-z is growing around our annual spelling bee!

Congratulations to our students who will be representing Abundant Life Christian School at the ACSI District Spelling Bee in January!  Students in 1st grade through 8th grade compete in classroom spelling bees for the right to represent ALCS at the district bee.  Each class selected two Top Spellers and two Alternates. 

Our class Top Spellers are:

Michard and Addison (1st)                  Gannon and Jaden (2nd)

Danielle and Matias (3rd)                    Jae-Won and Natalie (4th)

Amelia and Wes (5th)                          Ashley and Emily (6th)

Nathaniel and Will (7th)                      Emily and Alisha (8th)

We are also proud of the efforts of our class alternates.  These students will prepare for the bee as well so they are ready in the event that one or both of the class representatives are unable to attend the bee.

Keanan and Lily (1st)                          Nicholas and Adelei (2nd)

Cameron and Anthony (3rd)              Ben and Sydney (4th)

Abby and Louis (5th)                           Nathan and Lucas (6th)

Daniel and Mara (7th)                         Tommy and Savannah (8th)

All the best to our spelling bee contestants!  They will be busy studying their word lists in the next few weeks as they prepare to do their best work at the bee so that they can represent God, our school, and themselves to the best of their abilities.

Spell on!  We wish you much S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!

What I Learned from my Summer in Spain

December 06, 2016
By Miss Barbie

Today at the ALCS Elementary Chapel, Mrs. Sarah White, our Spanish teacher, shared about her time in Spain this past summer.  She talked about where she went, what she did, and what she learned.  One of the highlights was working at a summer camp. 
From her time working with the children and her travels in Spain, she shared two important truths:

1. Be thankful - appreciate what you have vs crying out about
                           what you don’t have  


2. Jump in & Help - participate; do what's needed without
                                  being asked & without complaint or
                                 in other words serve cheerfully

One of her experiences was seeing the human towers or Castells that are built in Catalonia.  She shared a video of the towers and noted that the top of the tower is always a child.  This brought forth one final truth – kids can do BIG things even though they are little!

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,

but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love,

in faith and in purity.

                                                                              1 Timothy 4:12

Mrs. White reminded us of the story of Samuel (1 Samuel 3) for he was called by God when he was a boy.  Yet, God had BIG things for Samuel and we see that in a number of places in the Bible where God used the young to do His work and impact the world for His glory.  God doesn't’t wait for us to be grown ups to serve Him or do His work.  He can use us where we are, whatever age we are! 
And . . . there are certain things that only children can do like be the top of the Castell!
Mrs. White went on to note that right now at a young age each of the students are learning new skills and developing hobbies.  They spend time working on them, growing their skills and feeding their interests.  Just like learning to play a sport or an instrument, making a new friend or starting a new activity, time and effort needs to be put into growing in one’s knowledge and love of the Lord.  Now is the time to develop good habits to get to know God better.

If we want to get to know God better,
how do we start?! 

Mrs. White offered a few great suggestions:
1. Read the Bible!  Hide His word in your heart. 
                                 (Psalm 119:11)
2. Pray!  Say hello to God every day.  Thank God. 
               Tell God how you feel.  Ask God questions.
3. Listen to the Holy Spirit!  Know that the Holy Spirit is
                convicting you of your sin and giving you the
                opportunity to fix it; humble yourself & ask for
                forgiveness of God and those you may have
                wronged or hurt.
4. Practice obedience! Submit to authority – parents,
                   teachers, etc.  If we want to do great things,
                   we need to listen to those in authority over
                   us and honor them. 
5. Watch other godly people!  Look for and imitate those
               who are seeking God & following him so that
               you know how to live a godly life.
               (Hebrews 13:7)
We appreciate Mrs. White taking the time to join us and share what God laid on her heart!
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