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Archives - April 2015

Celebrating Our Teachers

April 17, 2015
By Miss Barbie

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 - May 8.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us to take a moment and say 'THANK YOU' to our teachers for all the wonderful things they do.

Sometimes it's hard to think what to do for a teacher as a thank you.  While our amazing Abundant Life Christian School faculty always appreciate a gift or a treat, what truly means the most are the heartfelt notes of thanks from students and parents.  Taking the time to put pen to paper and express how a teacher has impacted you or to share an example of what a teacher has said or done that truly mattered to you is so very meaningful, often it becomes a keepsake.

You might find other ideas on Pinterest or in various blogs like Crazy Little Projects.  OR, you go with your own great ideas!

If you are stuck for a way to say 'thanks' consider a few of the ideas below . . .

A Few Easy Ways to Say "Thank You, Teachers"

1. Plan a treat-a-day for the homeroom teacher.  Coordinate with class parents and provide a quick and easy breakfast or a lunch every day during Teacher Appreciation Week to bless the teacher.  
2. Check with Mr. Butler about class wishlists and make a donation off the wishlist to bless the classroom.  Make the donation 'In Honor Of . . . ' the teacher.   
3. Little things mean a lot!  Small tokens of appreciation make a big impact so consider a 'you make a difference' email OR a family photo in which everyone is holding a letter to spell out 'thanks!' with a heartfelt note on the back OR a roll of Lifesavers since the teacher has been a lifesaver this year OR a can of nuts since the teacher has been so helpful and saved you from going 'nuts' this year . . . you get the idea!  Make it fun, keep it simple . . . 
4. Have your student(s) write a note expressing what they love about their teacher OR draw a picture for their teacher OR create a poem for their teacher OR . . . use whatever talents God has given them to share their appreciation.  Heartfelt homemade gifts are treasures!!  
5. Invite the teacher and her/his family to dinner at your home and grow your relationship.
6. Surprise your teacher at the end of the day with a coffee or ice cream or other treat when you come to pick up your student - ask your kiddo what her/his teacher likes; they most likely have an idea.
7. Think about non-food gift ideas like a magazine or a book, tickets to an event, a scarf or tie, a funky pair of socks, fun sticky note pads or 'cool' colors of pens/markers/highlighters/etc; a candle, or a music cd.

It's a lot of fun to brainstorm ideas to say 'thank you'
when you truly appreciate what someone does.  

We are blessed with an amazing faculty here at ALCS.  
Let's make sure that each and every one knows how much they mean to us this
National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8, 2015).


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