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Archives - April 2013

Join ALCS on April 25 for Music Rocks!

April 12, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Music Rocks

Spring is such a busy and exciting time at Abundant Life Christian School!  Not only do we have the school musical just around the corner (less than one week away!), but we also begin a host of spring concerts and spring athletic activities!!

Please mark your calendar and reserve April 25th for our wonderful Spring Elementary Music Concert!


Who:  K-5 students perform for YOU! 
              Everyone is welcome!!
                (appropriate for the whole family . . . and friends :)

When:  Thursday, April 25, at 7pm

Where:  City Church Sanctuary 
                  4909 E. Buckeye Rd, Madison, WI

Cost:  FREE!


The K-5 kids have been hard at work on their spring show and they sound great!  The theme for this year's 'Big Show' is all about how "Music Rocks!"   


We hope you'll join us!  And, to give you a little taste of what's to come on April 25th, check out a little ‘teaser’ here from our fabulous 1st graders!


Enjoy a fun night of music and celebrate the arts with us as we enjoy the talents of our amazing students!

Miss Barbie

Go, Go Joseph! Joseph comes to ALCS!!

April 09, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Joseph logo

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat

In less than a month, Abundant Life Christian School’s Drama program brings to life the classic musical from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat

Joseph hits the stage in the Sanctuary at City Church on April 18-20 at 7:30pm. 

Tickets are available now:  email tickets@mail.alcs.us  OR call 608.221.1520 x 331 OR stop in at Abundant Life Christian School between the hours of 8a-4:30p and pick up tickets at the Main Office.  ALCS is located at 4901 E. Buckeye Rd, Madison WI, just off of Stoughton Rd. 

Ticket costs are:  $8/adult;  $6/youth;  $4/child.


What’s Joseph About?

This is the first musical success created by Rice and Webber.  It is based on the Biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colors as found in the Book of Genesis.  As the two-act musical plays out, it shares Joseph’s story of being a favored son of Jacob but resented by his brothers.  That resentment leads them to sell Joseph into slavery and he eventually ends up in jail.  Yet, his ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams wins him Pharaoh’s favor and Joseph rises to power in Egypt.   One day Joseph’s brothers who are starving come to him for aid, but they don’t recognize him.  He gives his brothers their comeuppance but eventually forgives them and grants them their requests while reuniting with his family.

Joseph is sung all the way through with little spoken dialogue.  It is a truly family-friendly story with universal themes that provide families great opportunities to talk about it after the show.  Joseph is a show that even younger children will enjoy it as the music is fun and catchy (you’ll be singing these tunes in your head after the show) and the show moves quickly.

Some of the musical highlights include Go, Go Joseph, Song of the King, Those Canaan Days, & Close Ev’ry Door to Me along with stand outs like One More Angel in Heaven and Any Dream will Do.   

[Check out the YouTube videos for One More Angel and Any Dream.]


Meet the Cast!

We are excited to announce our full cast list for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® DreamcoatCongratulations to all our cast!  We are looking forward to a great, sell out show!

Producer/Director:  Pastor Sarah Karlen


Joseph                                                         Jacob Berggren

The Narrators                                             Audra Cashman & Emily Rockwell

Reuben                                                        Joseph Berggren

Simeon                                                        Dylan Rockwell

Levi/Pharaoh                                             Matt Woodard

Judah                                                           Andy Cashman

Dan                                                               Joseph Wetzel

Naphtali/Potiphar                                    James Cahill

Gad/Baker                                                  James Oldenburg

Asher                                                             Ben Ratkey

Issachar                                                        Ashlen Chapin

Zebulun                                                         Ashton Florence

Benjamin                                                      Tyler Jung

Jacob/Butler                                              Alex Wetzel

Mrs. Potiphar/Jacob’s Wife #1            Bethany Highman


Ensemble/Extras/Movie Crew

Reuben’s Wife                                            Justina Rinzel

Simeon’s Wife                                             KateLynn Gerry

Levi’s Wife                                                   Lydia Delikat

Judah’s Wife                                                Brittany Gerry

Dan’s Wife                                                    Hannah Upshaw

Naphtali’s Wife/Adoring Girl                  Nikki Miller

Gad’s Wife/Adoring Girl                           Katelyn Gabrielse

Asher’s Wife                                                  Sarah Larson

Issachar’s Wife/Adoring Girl                    Kaeli Matula

Zebulun’s Wife/Adoring Girl                     Myra Delikat

Jacob’s Wife #2                                          Jessica Pokrandt

Joseph’s Costumer                                      Abigail Chapin

Bodyguard/Movie Crew                            Nick Martinelli-Reiter

Movie Production Assistant                     Elise Emerson

Movie Costume Assistant                         Teagan Emerson

Movie Camera Operator                          Nathan Pokrandt


                        Assistant/Movie Crew        Luke Kowald

Movie Pages/Crew                                     Macy Larson, Kyleen Zielke, & Ryan Guest


Children’s Choir

Maeya Bakke                                   Mara Bakke                                     Annalise Benjamin

Caleb Benjamin                               Camila Drunasky                           Sydney Franco

Caleb Gerry                                      Ana Johnson                                   Blake Johnson

Cami Marthaler                                Alexis Okas                                     Will Ratkey

Ryan Rockwell                                                                                              Tricia Shane


Join ALCS on April 18, 19, & 20
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat

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