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Archives - March 2013

Three Days that Changed Everything

March 29, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Good Friday - the day that changed everything

It is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter . . . today begins the start of three days that changed everything for everyone everywhere.

On Good Friday, we reflect on the greatest example of love ever known.  A man I never met in person who lived years before I was ever born chose to die for me.  He did not have to do so.  He did nothing wrong.  He willingly took my punishment in the most horrific of ways so that I would never have to pay for the sins I have committed.

When I think on this, I cannot help by be humbled, be shamed.  I cannot think of his choice and not       cry . . . to think that he loved me that much that he would do such a thing for me, one not worthy of washing his feet.  Yet, he loved me so that he died in my stead.

Jesus Christ bore great pain and punishment so that we – you and I – may have the gift of eternal life with him and the Father.  He is the way, the truth, and the life for all may come to the Father through him.  Today is the day that changed it all as he willingly laid his life down for mine, yours.

And in three days – on Easter – we will celebrate that he rose again, not cheating death but beating death.  The old spiritual says “ain’t no grave gonna hold me down” and it is such joy to know this truth  because Jesus died and rose again providing us the way to eternal life.

This weekend is a time of reflection and celebration . . . of pain and joy . . . of death and life.  It is the reason for hope .  It is when everything for everyone everywhere changed forever.

May your Good Friday and Easter be a time of growth in your relationship with the Lord and celebration of the great love our Savior has for you, for me, for us all.  His gift of salvation is often said to be free, but in truth it was bought and paid for with his blood, his life.  Let us never take such love, such sacrifice for granted.

Have a blessed Easter!
Miss Barbie

Honors Band Kicks Off Spring Tour on Wednesday, March 13!

March 11, 2013
By Barbara Wiers

Abundant Life Christian School/High Point Christian School partner with Overture Band Program (OBP) to provide band for our students.  Not only do they provide our band program for 4th-12th grade students, but OBP also offers Honors Band for the more musically advanced students.  Honors Band offers a larger band experience for the musicians along with the opportunity to challenge themselves with more difficult material and an extended performance schedule while making friends with other band students from around the area. 

Wednesday, March 13, the Honors Band kicks off their Spring Tour
at City Church

(4909 E. Buckeye Rd, Madison, WI)
with a performance at 8:30am. 
The concert is approx. 30 minutes in length.
It is free and open to the public. 

Honors Band is made up of 55 students from 13 various schools with which the Overture Band Program works and they have evening practices weekly.  Students are nominated for the honor by their band director. 

Participating this year from our school on the east campus (Abundant Life) is middle school student Sydney Hansing and from the west campus (High Point) are middle schoolers Sarah Hurd, Ellie Peterson, Austin Rockwell, and Kyle Sprecker.  They are joined by three homeschool students who partner with our High Point and Abundant Life bands as well – Finn Altschuler and Katie Stigler on the west campus and Luke Ewert on the east campus.

The Fine Arts benefit students in so many ways and research supports that students who participate in the fine arts do better academically overall.  Honors Band students gain self-confidence, enhance their musicianship, and grow in their musical leadership abilities which they share with their peers in the local school band. 

The Spring Tour will take the Honors Band to five area schools.

Please join us for the Honors Band concert!  Come celebrate the arts as we enjoy the talents of these fine young musicians!!
Miss Barbie


OBP can be found on the Abundant Life Christian School campus and High Point Christian School campus along with Edgewood Campus School, Blessed Sacrament School, St Ambrose Academy, Madison Community Montessori School, St Peter Catholic School, St Dennis School, St Maria Goretti School, St Francis Xavier School, Immaculate Heart School, Sacred Hearts School, St James School, St Michaels School, and with the Holy Family Homeschoolers.

Packer Youth Football Camps at ALCS

March 04, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Packer Greats Visit ALCS

Once again, Abundant Life Christian School will be a home to Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camps for Madison this summer!  ALCS is happy to welcome back the Packers Camp to our campus.


Former green and gold players John Anderson, Johnnie Gray, Ahman Green, Bryce Paup, Paul Rudzinski, and Bill Schroeder will be providing support to the program this year.   


One of the great aspects of the program is that “kids learn to run, throw, catch, defend, and compete the Packers way” while spending time with both pro coaches and former pro stars.  Each year the Packers your football camps help aspiring athletes develop their athletic skill, gain agility and fitness, and expand their football knowledge through non-contact instruction. 

According to their press release, "It’s football, designed by the Packers and fit for kids," say[s] Executive Director Tom Finks.  This successful program trained over 500 kids last summer.  The safe, non-contact instruction will be for all kids ages 6-14.

Packers Camp at Abundant Life Christian School will be 
Monday, June 17 - Friday, June 21, 2013

Register by Wednesday, March 20, and save $40!!

         Please Note:  all registrations are through the Packer organization
                               and not ALCS.


To learn more, visit www.PackersCamps.com or call 866-246-9800. 

Celebrating Reading with a Seussical Friend!

March 01, 2013
By Barbara Wiers

Happy Birthday, Theodore Geisel!!

Who is Theodore Geisel?!  You might know him better by his nom de plume or pen name . . .
Dr. Seuss!

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 2, is Dr. Seuss’s (aka Theodore Geisel) birthday!  Today, we honor him here at ALCS with Dr. Seuss Day in our elementary school.  Classes from Kindergarten to 5th grade are having fun with reading which is what Dr. Seuss was all about! 

“Remember me and smile,
for it's better to forget than to remember me and cry.”

-Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books were a bit revolutionary in their day yet still remain relevant today.  It is clear from the prolific writings of Mr. Geisel that he was extremely creative, but his real genius was in his ability to celebrate silliness and whimsy.  By doing so, he drew and continues to draw children to his books where he catapults imaginations to dream big, be silly, and have fun.  Reading IS NOT drudgery!  Dr. Seuss helps prove that point with vivid imagery, creative language, and a sense of humor that is sweet.  Kids love Dr. Seuss books and that has helped children around the world learn to read, improve their reading skills, and – most importantly – learn to enjoy reading.

"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild,
to pick up a book and read to a child."

-Dr. Seuss

In conjunction with Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Random House and the National Education Association promote the Read Across America program which encourages people to have fun reading with a child.  It seems the perfect honor for Dr. Seuss – he loved kids and he loved reading and Read Across America combines the two!  Reading is fun, reading is important, and reading is easily shared. 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!


“Be awesome! Be a book nut!”

                            ― Dr. Seuss

At ALCS, we couldn’t agree more!  We love reading, know its importance to learning and leisure, and encourage sharing a love of books with each other.  So, to that end, our 4th grade class has hosted for the past couple of years Dr. Seuss Day in the elementary school.  Each class, KG-5, comes to school in their pjs, ready for a day of reading fun!  This year our 5th graders read to our Kindergarteners; our 3rd graders read to our 1st graders, and our 4th graders spent time reading with our 2nd graders.  Everyone has fun as they enjoy the more than 40 books that Dr. Seuss wrote.

“If you never did you should.
These things are fun and fun is good.”

Dr. Seuss

Want to continue the celebration?  Please do!!  Keep the reading going by reading together at home with your student – any book will do! 

Plus there are tons of ideas for celebrating Dr. Seuss with your kids at home.  Check out these great ideas from Sue Kirchner on Pinterest or come up with your own.  Why not try a ‘new’ Dr. Seuss book?  With 40 choices, there might be one or two you haven’t read or haven’t read in a really long time.  Hit the library either here at ALCS or your local public library and check out the Dr. Seuss offerings.  Talk with your librarian about other age-appropriate books that work well to read out loud or to do shared reading with your child.  And, don’t forget to make it fun!  Use Dr. Seuss books to spike creative cooking and craft ideas.  Have fun in the kitchen . . . green eggs and ham, anyone?!  There are lots of ideas on the web including this Dr. Seuss breakfast by blogger Catherine from Make Myself at Home.  Or, try your hand at creating Seuss character sock or paper bag hand puppets then hosting a reader’s theatre or play with the puppets. 

Lastly, use technology to share some fun in Seussville!  It’s a website about all things Dr. Seuss and has more about the author, fun games, videos, book info, and more. 

Whether you decide to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday or not, we I hope you’ll have some fun reading with your child!  Reading together at any age . . . yes, it can be done at the MS/HS level (read the same book and then discuss it; use driving time to share about a book you are reading and have your student do the same; or have a family book club where everyone reads the same book, plan a ‘book club discussion’ and if the book has a movie version, watch together) with just a few ideas you’ll get your middle or high schooler & yourself reading and sharing books together . . . is fun and important


“Today was good. Today was fun.

Tomorrow is another one.”

Dr. Seuss



~~ Dr. Seuss Facts ~~

 Was Dr Seuss his real name?

 Not exactly. His name was Theodore Seuss Geisel – Seuss being his mother’s maiden name. He started using it as a pseudonym at university. He added the Dr later, as a joke, because his father had always wanted him to get a doctorate and become a professor.

How many books did he write?

Between 1937 and 1991, when he died aged 87, he published more than 40 books, which have sold half a billion copies between them – more even than J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books. He nearly burned his first book, And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street, after it was turned down by 27 publishers.

 Did he have children himself?

No. His widow, Audrey, said in an interview that he was slightly afraid of them. She said he was always thinking: “What might they do next? What might they ask next?”

 Where did he get his ideas from?

 This was a question he hated being asked. His mother was one source of inspiration.  One of his most popular books, Green Eggs and Ham, was the result of a bet that he could not write a book using only 50 words. These are, in order of appearance: I am Sam; that; do not like; you green eggs and ham; them; would here or there; anywhere; in a house with mouse; eat box fox; car they; could; may will see tree; let me be; train on; say the dark; rain; goat; boat; so try may; if; good; thank.

 Where did he live?

 He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, where his grandparents lived on Mulberry Street – hence the title of his first book.  In 1948 he and his first wife Helen bought an old observation tower in La Jolla, California, where he would shut himself away in a studio for at least eight hours a day, sometimes literally wearing a thinking cap.

 Which are his most popular books?

 The Cat in the Hat, published in 1957, and Green Eggs and Ham, published in 1960, are the two biggest sellers. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is third on the list of most popular Seuss books in the US.

 What impact did they have on children’s books?

 A revolutionary one. He has been credited with killing off “Dick and Jane”, the sterile heroes of older children’s books, replacing them with clever rhymes, plot twists and rebellious heroes who do the unexpected. The Cat in the Hat was commissioned following publication in 1955 of an influential book, Why Johnny Can’t Read, which said children were being held back by boring books. An article under the same name in Life magazine called for more imaginative illustration, and named Dr Seuss as a good example of what could be done. Now one in four American children receive Dr Seuss as their first book.

 * Taken from BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/3523393.stm

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