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Archives - October 2013

Jump for George!

October 30, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Elise jumps for all she's worth
Elise flys into the Top Three!

During our Fall Fundraiser, we had a special event called Jump for George!  Students in 6th – 12th grade could earn the opportunity to make a standing long jump for cash by turning in enough orders to have a chance at the ring toss game.  One peg in the ring toss was marked Jump for George and any student that hooked it was eligible to jump.

Eleven (11) students snagged that special peg and became our ALCS jumpers!  Those who won the opportunity to win a little cash were:

Middle School     
Lizze White
Ashlen Chapin

Macy Larsen
Justin Powell

Connor Polster               

High School
Genesis McCarthy
Elise Emerson
Katelyn Gabrielse
Jacob Berggren
Lauren Drapes
Anthony Lichte

We’re hoping to see this crew go out for track and field in the spring – they can all jump!  In total, these students jumped 55 feet and took home $110!!  Students earned a $1 for each foot they jumped.

                    Congratulations to our top
                  longest standing long jumper

                Jacob Beggren - a whopping 14 feet! 

Can't wait to Jump for George again next year!! 

Fall Fundraiser Success!

October 08, 2013
By Barbara Wiers
Fall Fundraiser

What a blessing to have such support!

We have wrapped up our Fall Fundraiser which is Abundant Life Christian School’s only all-school fundraiser.  It is such a joy to report that it was a smashing success!

Our kids – and our parents – worked hard to not only reconnect with last year’s customers, but to bring new customers into our family.  Our numbers were up and we are one step closer to closing our tuition gap!

We are so thankful for the hard work of our kids and parents!  Our success is your success and we deeply appreciate your commitment to ALCS.

to the following classes who met or exceeded 100% of their class goal!

  7th grade with 126% of goal!!  
(Top Class in the School)

10th grade with 106.3% of goal

 1st grade with 106% of goal

  2nd grade with 100% of goal

 3rd grade with 100% of goal


We also had 5 other classes who were at 65% or more of goal!

Again, thank you for your support of our
Fall Fundraiser!

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