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Archives - January 2013

2013 Annual Carnation Sale Underway

January 24, 2013
By Barbara Wiers

A favorite tradition is alive and well at ALCS!

It’s time for the annual Carnation Sale
                                                     . . . just in time for Valentine’s Day!!


The Sophomore Class is selling flowers for that very “love-ly” day.  Pink, red, and white carnations are available and are sold by the single flower, ½ dozen, and full dozen.

If you would like to purchase flowers to send to your child, or if they would like to send flowers to their teacher, friends, or family members, please fill out the attached card and send it back to their teacher in an envelope with the appropriate amount of money.  Please fill out the information and write a message.  Fold the card so that the picture is on the front, the information on the back, and the message inside.  If you want to use your own card, please attach the information to the card.   If you are sending flowers to more than one person, please fill out one order form per recipient.

Flowers are on sale now and will be available until Friday, February 1
                        Flowers will be delivered on Thursday, February 14.


All orders can be returned to your classroom teacher or the Main Office. 

Flowers are:  (flowers do not need to be sent to the same person [ex: order a ½ dozen; send 2 to a friend &
                              4 to a favorite teacher])

            Single:  $2.00

            ½ dozen:  $11.50

            Full dozen:  $22.50


All proceeds go to support the sophomore class.  Thank you for your generosity!


PS:  Did you know?!

Carnations are one of the most popular flower in the world!  Carnations are also sometimes called “dianthus” (dios= god Zeus and anthos= flower), a scientific name given by the Greek botanist Theopharastus. Carnations are thus “The Flowers of God”.  In ancient Rome this flower was known as “Jove’s Flower” as a tribute to one of their beloved gods. According to Christian legend, these flowers appeared on earth from Mary’s tear at Jesus’s carrying of the cross.

The Joy of Giving . . . and Changing the World

January 11, 2013
By Barbara Wiers

One of the greatest things to happen at a Christian school each year is Christmas!  It is such a joy and a blessing to celebrate this holy birth with our school family.

Each year as part of the Christmas festivities, the kids look forward to the concerts and the decorations and the parties .  . . maybe, the parties most!

Mrs. Chapin, our Kindergarten teacher, had an idea this year that her class loved.  She asked them, “what if we as a class get a great gift for someone else, someone who really needs something, instead of getting a little toy for each other?”  The goal was two-fold:  focus the kids on the gift of giving and give classroom families one less “thing” they needed to buy before Christmas. 

The Kindergartners agreed.  They liked the idea of helping someone else.  Mrs. Chapin shared with them how for just a few dollars, they could help buy someone a duck or a chicken or a goat or medicine.  That could really help someone in another country and make their life better . . . more than any toy could ever do!

However, the class wasn’t to go home and ask mom and dad for money.  Nope!  They needed to go home and ask mom and dad for chores or opportunities to EARN some money to put into the class fund for their selected charity of choice, World Vision.  And, they did.  Some earned 25 cents.  Some earned $3.  But, everyone participated and knew that whatever they could do would help.

The beauty of this is that the generosity and caring of this class spread throughout the elementary as the idea was shared at Elementary Chapel and soon every class and all the students from Kindergarten through 5th grade were trying to earn a few dollars to help make someone’s Christmas – someone they didn’t know and will most likely never meet – better! 

Christmas 2012, our elementary students received the one of the most wonderful Christmas gifts of all – they learned about giving for the sheer joy of giving and having the privilege of knowing they’ve made someone else’s burden lighter . . . what a beautiful gift for our students and for those they helped!


The Power of Kids Working Together

By working together, the Kindergartners, 1st graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders, 4th graders, and 5th graders raised enough money to purchase:

                11 ducks

                  6 chickens

                  2 goats

                And had enough to purchase $420 worth of medicine and vaccines!!


Our prayer:  Lord, may those who receive the bounty of this kindness be blessed abundantly and may the givers filled with a love
                      of philanthropy.

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