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Archives - May 2012

Gotcha Being . . . Hard Working!

May 24, 2012
By Barbara Wiers

Gotcha Being . . .

                            Hard Working!

Recently, our elementary students spent some time focusing on the virtue of ‘work.’  We learned how work is mentioned in the Bible when God did his creation work, and Adam was commanded to work the Garden of Eden.  We heard how we are supposed to work for the Lord in whatever we do (Col 3:23) and that our work glorifies God, and that God equips us for every good work (2 Tim 3:17).  We even watched a video on the virtue of work.

A number of our students lived what they learned in chapel.  We had a number of Gotcha Passes awarded to students who were caught being hard working and industrious.  Kids with a * next to their name were drawn for a prize at Chapel.

Congratulations . . . Gotcha Being Hard Working!

KG:  Christa, Megan, Reese, Naomi,

         Andrew, and Louis

1st grade:  Levi, Leilani, Ava, Noah,

                  Madelyn, Elizabeth*, and Amelia*

2nd grade:  Max (2x), Mara, Anna (2x),

                   Andria (2x), Sydney, Rylee,

                   Tekoa, Silas, Cruz, TJ,

                    Cami (2x), Tricia, Luke,

                    and Will (2x)

3rd grade:  Grant (2x)*, Taylor*, Katelyn,

                     Ben, and Kara

4th grade: Asher, Camila, Adrien, Maeya*,

                 Caleb B (2x), Beth, Caleb G (2x),

                 Ryan (2x), Kyle (2x), Ana,

                 Alexis (2x), Alanna, Connor,

                Justin, Emma, Will, and Sam

5th grade:  Teagan, Boomer, Wyatt, and Clair*

Great work, everyone! 

We know you’ll work hard at all you do in the future.

We have been highlighting various virtues from The Children’s Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett in our Elementary Chapels.  Our KG – 5th grade students next will focus on “Compassion.”

So far this year, we have learned about honesty, responsibility, and courage.

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