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Archives - October 2012

Challenger Football: Radio News & More

October 18, 2012
By Barbara Wiers

 Challenger Football Highlighted

on the Prep Report & More

Last night, Wednesday, October 17, Challenger Head Football Coach Mark Martinez was interviewed on the Big 1070’s Prep Report (WTSO).  It was a great interview.  Coach discussed our season, what 8-man football is, and the future of 8-man.  It’s an exciting time not only for Challenger football, but for the whole 8-man program in the state of Wisconsin as it continues to grow.

If you missed the Prep Report, you can still hear the interview by clicking HERE.  You’ll go to the podcast of the show on WTSO.  Move the listening bar ahead to 41:48 and you can listen to the interview from there – it’s about 7 minutes.  Or, you can listen to the whole show if you’d like.

While I think Coach Marty did a great job talking about our Challenger football program, it struck me that the most important thing in my opinion was missing from the conversation - our greatest gridiron strength.  So, I’d like to give a shout out to it here.

Abundant Life Christian School is part of a tri-cooperative program for football with our friends at St. Ambrose Academy and Madison Country Day School.  Together, our three schools are keeping the benefits of a football program alive and vital for our students.  We are stronger together and our tri-op not only benefits our schools by allowing us to share in and provide a football program, but benefits our students as they get to know other kids, make lifelong friendships, and learn from each other.

Challenger football is – quite simply – fun!  It’s fast-paced, engaging, and dynamic . . . it’s all the things football should be.  But, personally, I think the best part of our football program is the sportsmanship that our players exhibit. 

Our Challengers play HARD!  They want to win!  They play to represent our schools and our team, but mostly what they do is represent the Lord in HOW they play – with honor, tenacity, and brotherhood.  They’ll knock a guy down and then give him a hand to help him up.  They push and shove, but check that someone is OK.  They gather together on the field when the battle is over to pray together.  They pray for each other, encourage one another, and support each other.  They truly understand what “team” means and they show it – even though they are on different campuses during the day. 

While their undefeated record is impressive – and it IS impressive! – I am far more impressed by these young men and the coaching staff’s commitment to high quality Christian sportsmanship.  Our schools – ALCS, SA, & MCDS – and, most importantly, our Lord are represented so incredibly well by this Challenger football team.

Go Challengers!  Finish the race strong!!
Miss Barbie

Challenger Football Highlighted on WTSO

October 17, 2012
By Barbara Wiers

Challengers highlighted on WTSO tonight!

Challenger Head Football Coach Mark Martinez will be talking Challenger 8-man football tonight on WTSO 1070 with Rob Hernandez  and Dennis Semrau!

Coach Marty will be chatting with the guys at 6:50p tonight

Challenger football is having a powerful season – 6-0!! Last Saturday’s barnburner Homecoming game against Green Bay’s N.E.W. Lutheran was a great example of the team’s talent, tenacity, and spirit.  Coach Martinez noted that in talking with the refs (who were all Trailways Conference refs) they mentioned that this was the best game they had reffed all season!! 

This Friday night, the Challengers head to Stockbridge for another big game . . . a win would clinch the conference title for the football program which would be our first-ever!!  A win the following weekend would give us an undefeated season and a shot at the 8-man championship at the Jamboree on November 3.

There’s big success on the gridiron this year and God has been faithful to the guys from ALCS, St. Ambrose Academy, and Madison Country Day School who have worked so hard to play tough, be good sportsmen, and honor God in all things.

Congrats, Challengers!  Can’t wait to hear what Coach Martinez has to say tonight on WTSO 1070 at 6:50p.

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