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Archives - December 2011

You Can't Buy Love . . .

December 14, 2011
By Barbara Wiers

You can pay for a lot of things, but the old adage is true - you can't buy love! 

You simply can't pay us enough to love your kids.  It's a choice we happily make to do so.

When you choose private, Christian education, you do so for a variety of personal and educational reasons.  One of the reasons was - most likely - that you expected Christian educators who would care for your children and not see them as just a student ID number, a racial or ethnic stat, or "one of the crowd".  You made the choice because you believed that the personal, Christian environment paired with the dedicated Christian educator would be an eternal investment in your child.

You probably had little to no idea that you were getting a teacher who would pray continually for your child, worry about her/his personal and academic growth, agonize over how to find a way to 'connect' with your child so s/he can better understand and learn the information, and love your child wholly.

But . . . that's what you get at Abundant Life Christian School!  Teachers who love your kids.  Staff who love your kids.  All of us want the best for them in all things - spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.  Our faculty truly love your kids and you can send them to school every day knowing that they are in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our teachers ARE here for your kids . . . and if you know of a problem that your teacher hasn't already addressed with you - talk to them!  If there is something hindering your child from excelling, let us know.  We will find a solution and help them through the rough spots. 

We want every one of our kids knows how much God loves them, how much we love them, and    how much we believe in their gifts, talents, and abilities to impact this world for the glory of God - regardless of age!

Last week, faculty and staff made homemade goodies and brought in the treats for an extended snack time with our students.  We took 15 minutes out of a busy Tuesday morning to share our joy in having our middle and high school students here at ALCS with us - to let them know how much we care for and love them. 

Today, we took recess time to gather our K4-5th graders and had a few moments to share with them how much we love them and how glad we are that they are part of our ALCS family!  Each elementary teacher wrote a special note to her/his students and the notes were attached to a goodie gift bag including a cookie and Christmas candy.  It was a joyous time with our littlest family members and such fun to see their faces light up when they received their goodies.

I'm so wonderful to be part of a staff who does more than just 'the job"!  They give with their whole hearts and that's what makes ALCS so special.  You can pay someone enough to do a job, but you can't pay them enough to truly love the kids - that is just the happy blessing of being in a Christian school with such wonderful faculty members in our midst! 


We love because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19


Elementary Christmas Concerts: A Beautiful Tradition

December 12, 2011
By Barbara Wiers

Happy Monday!

It's a big week at ALCS with our elementary kids hitting the stage on Tuesday, December 13, at 7p in the City Church sanctuary whee they will be offering to all our families and the community-at-large their talents as they present their Christmas Concert.  It is always so fun and inspring to see our littlest young people, faces bright and eyes shining, as they sing about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

How wonderful that we are part of a school that CAN proclaim the good news of His holy birth and that this Christmas season isn't reduced to snowpeople, Santa Clauses, and packages under a tree. 

The real reason for the season when all is said and done is a baby born in a manger who came to set all people free by bearing their sins one day on the cross.  While wading through all the wrappings and bows, busyness of the season, and tinsel and cookies, let us all not forget the real reason we gather - to celebrate the joy of the Jesus' birth. 

Please join us for our Elementary Christmas Concert . . . it is the time spent with our wonderful kids listening to their heartfelt songs about Jesus and Christmas that most helps us connect with and reflect on the true awesomeness of this beautiful season. 

Do your remember your elementary Christmas concerts?  Do you remember the anticipation?  The excitement?  School Christmas Concerts are a lovely Christmas tradition . . . come be blessed and encouragd by our youngsters!

See you tomorrow at the concert!



December 07, 2011
By Barbara Wiers

Welcome to the new Challenger Chat, ALCS' blog! 

Our blog will highlight a variety of aspects of the school and be updated regularly.  Please sign up for our RSS and get the blog fed directly to you or you can check back regularly to get the latest info.

We are rapidly coming up on the last day of school, December 20, but between now and then we have a lot of exciting happenings.  It is our favorite time of year here at school!!

Coming up tomorrow night, Thursday, December 8, is our Middle and High School Choir Concert.  The concert will be at 7pm in the City Church sanctuary.  It will be a lovely evening and we hope you will join us.

Also, make sure to add Tuesday, December 13, to your calendar for the ALCS Elementary Christmas Concert.  It will be at 7p in the City Church sanctuary and is sure to be a fun event!

As part of the ALCS family, we hope you and yours will join us for these wonderful evenings celebrating the 'reason for the season' and feel free to bring along loved ones, neighbors, and friends and let them be blessed by the Lord and our students this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas!



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